Dr. AttiaPetroleum Engineering and Gas Technology Department, PEGT, is dedicated to provide a high graduated engineers to local and national oil and gas companies. The undergraduate programme in PEGT is a four-year program, in addition to prep year. We conduct excellence and high quality in teaching and research and provide students with the necessary knowledge in exploration, drilling, production, reservoir engineering, oil and natural gas production to ensure that they achieve the highest possible success in their future professional careers, to meet national and international challenges.
Those who complete this program are entitled as Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineers. PEGT offer its students a unique blend of theoretical and practical oil and gas applications depicted in its various laboratories such as; Reservoir Rock, to produce SCAL report; Reservoir Fluid, to produce PVT report; Geological, Surveying; and Drilling Fluid. In addition, the department striving all efforts to make its software laboratories up-to-date such as; Reservoir Simulation, Oil and Gas processing, and Well Test. All the laboratories fulfill the health and safety requirements.

Linking with oil and gas industry is one of the department’s main pillars. PEGT is very keen to offer its students summer trainings in national and international oil and gas companies. Most of the students’ projects, especially graduation projects, are related to industrial problems.

Prof. Dr. Attia Attia
Dean of Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering
Head of Petroleum Engineering and Natural Gas Technology Department

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