It is our pleasure to have you visiting and exploring our department. The department of Basic Sciences, headed by Prof. Khaled Dewidar, includes a group of professors and researchers in the fields of physics and mathematics, which are the basis of all the engineering sciences. The department oversees the teaching of these subjects to all the Prep stages of the university such as engineering, pharmacy and dentistry, as well as teaching modern physics and mathematics for the first year in the Faculty of Engineering. It also sustains the courses with practical experiences using a series of new experiments. On a regular basis, the department develops the courses and the experiments using modern technological means to ensure effective interaction with the students. The department is also actively involved teaching certain subjects related to engineering such as materials science.

Besides supervision of teaching of natural sciences, the department members are involved in diverse research activities in the fields of materials science, renewable energy, nuclear energy, biotechnology and sensors. The department cooperates with many universities inside and outside Egypt, such as Al-Azhar University, Ain Shams University, Zewail City, AUC, London South Bank University in the UK and CERN Institute in France, besides other universities and research centers in Europe. On the university level, there is a continuous collaboration with other departments and research centers, on both educational and research levels. The department is launching a bi-weekly seminar for speakers from inside and outside the university to enrich and strengthen the elements of teaching and research.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about our programs and activities, at the end we all aim at delivering high

quality teaching and research based on thinking and innovations.khaled Dewidar

Prof. Khaled Dewidar

Head of Basic Science Group

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