Tamer Adel Mohamed  

Professor Tamer Adel Mohamed

Professor of Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering Department


  • Email: tamer.mohamed@bue.edu.eg
  • Building: B
  • Employee type: Full-time
  • Extension Number: 1517
  • Room: 302
  • Education History:

    1. Wichita State University, Wichita, KS, USA (Ph.D., Industrial Engineering) Awarded December 2004

    2. Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt (Graduate Diploma, Statistics) Awarded June 2001

    3. Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt (M. Sc., Industrial Engineering) Awarded October 2000

    4. Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt (Graduate Diploma, Operations Research) Awarded June 2000

    5. Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt (B. Sc., Production Engineering) Awarded June 1998

  • Bio:

    Dr. Tamer A. Mohamed is an Professor of Industrial Engineering Since 2016, holds a PhD in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (Quality Engineering) from WSU (Wichita State University, Kansas, USA, December 2004), M.Sc. in Quality Engineering from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, and 2 Graduate diplomas (Operations Research and Statistics, 2000 and 2001) from Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt. Tamer received his bachelor degree from Ain Shams University (Design and Production Engineering, 1998).

    Tamer is an quality improvement researcher and practitioner. Both interests combine in the form of research of practice, and practice as research. His work mostly focuses on process, product and material quality improvement using different optimization techniques and response surface methodology.

    Dr. Tamer is also a professional trainer in the area of engineering management training more than 30 company both locally and internationally.

    Finally Tamer is the director for the centre of community and consulting services at The British University in Egypt since 2008 and the health and safety coordinator for the faculty of engineering.

  • Fields of Interest:

    1. Quality Management

    2. Quality Control

    3. Production Optimization

    4. Non Linear Optimization

    5. Factorial Design

  • Modules:

    Quality Control and Technical Report Writing

    System analysis and design

    Operaions management

    Operations Research 

    Engineeering Economics 

    Project Management 

    Design of Experiments 

    Industrial Safety and Environmental Management

  • Responsibilities:

    Director, Centre for Community and Consulting Services

    · Developing training and consultation proposals for companies

    · Developing marketing plans for training and consultation programmes

    · Developing annual budget for the centre

    · Trainers selection for specific training programmes

    · Administering trainers evaluation during training programmes to ensure customer satisfaction

    · Meeting with customers to develop training and consultation business opportunities


    Health and Safety Coordinator - Faculty of Engineering

    · Multiple visits to the labs and workshops to determine, study, and analyze the hazardous areas

    · Risk assessment for all the machines at the Faculty of Engineering laboratories

    · Determination of areas in the university that needs immediate safety corrective action.

    · Take appropriate actions to ensure the following are performed:

    o Supply (if not installed already) all machines in the labs and workshops by a circuit breakers and ensure the presence of an Emergency stop switch all over the workshops to stop the machines as soon as needed.

    o Perform an electrical check to all machines to ensure that they are electrically safe.

    o Replace the workshop glass with Polycarbonate sheets to avoid breaks and injuries

    o Make available all instructions signs to guide students/staff for the safe use of machine and labs.

    o Supply all machines that require guarding with the relevant guards.

    o Ensure that all emergency doors are open and free from any obstructions and study the feasibility of the installation of safety doors to improve the efficiency of egress in case of emergency.

    o Review the First Aid kits to ensure its validity.

    o Review all the fire extinguishers to ensure its validity and its correct use.

    o Fix all gas tubes to the walls to avoid falling and exploding.

    o Insulate (ensure the insulation) of all electrical wiring in the labs.

    o Perform sorting and housekeeping in the labs and workshops to limits accidents.

    o Ensure that eating and drinking is not performed in the labs or workshops by providing a convenient place to do so.

    o Ensure that all employees serving food and beverages to students or staff have an updated healthy medical record


1. Ayman A. Abbas, Tamer A. Mohamed, and Mohamed G. Hafez, Improving Localization Accuracy of Autonomous Guided Vehicles for Material Handling Applications Published at the Journal of Management and Engineering Integrated, Summer 2014.

2. Tamer A. Mohamed and N.S.M. Eltayeb, Improving the Mechanical Properties of Acetal Homopolymer Material to Boost its Quality, Published at the Journal of Management and Engineering Integrated, Summer 2014.

3. I.A. Sabbah, Tamer A. Mohamed, H.E. Nasr, and Sh. E. Emam, Economic Feasibility of the Production of VAc and VEOVA 10 Emulsion Polymer using Factorial Design, published in the Nature and Science Journal (MARSLAND PRESS) May 2013.

4. Tamer A. Mohamed and N.S.M. El-Tayeb, “A Multi-Objective Optimization of Burnishing Process for Polymeric Surfaces using Response Surface Methodology” published in the proceeding of the Computers and Industrial Engineering Conference, October 2013.

5. Tamer A. Mohamed and Omar Nounou, “Quality Improvement Using Database Management Traceability System” Published at the Journal of Management and Engineering Integrated, Summer 2012.

6. Tamer A. Mohamed, Mohamed Salah, and Salah Eldin Zaki, “Increasing Sensitivity of Control Charts Using Computer Simulation” Published at the Proceeding of the 18th International Conference on Industry, Engineering, and Management Systems, Florida, 2012.

7. Tamer A. Mohamed and Ayman Abbas, “Improving the accuracy of the Mobile Robot using Factorial Analysis” Published at the Journal of Management and Engineering Integrated, Summer 2010.

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