The BUE delivers programmes based on a British philosophy of education. This results in programmes that are very much focused on the student rather than those who deliver the material. Graduates from UK programmes typically exhibit:

  • The ability to think creatively and with strong problem solving skills
  • High level key and transferable skill sets
  • The ability to maintain independently a high level of professional and subject specific competence (often through CPD)
  • The ability to conceptualise problems at a high level (i.e. to see the big picture)
  • Diligent and ethical working practices
  • The ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Flexibility and the ability to apply their subject specific knowledge to fields outside their own.

Furthermore, this programme is delivered both with a local and UK flavour giving students the opportunity to gain an appreciation of national and international perspectives on many aspects of professional life. This includes awareness of regional and international media context, cultural sensitivity, exposure to international communication perspectives, and familiarity with ethical and managerial frameworks.

In addition to these attributes the BUE is seeking institutional validation (in line with QAA and professional body subject benchmark statements) from University of London South Bank, one of the UK’s premier universities. Successful completion of this exercise will make the BUE the only university in Egypt whose entire internal structure is externally verified as being in line with UK standards. Built on top of institutional quality assurance will be subject level validation. That is, we will seek for London South Bank to externally confirm that this particular degree programme is in line with UK standards. An outcome of this will be the dual award of both an Egyptian degree and a BA from London South Bank in Journalism and New Media.


At the time of writing and to the best of our knowledge this combination of a programme based on a learning culture fostering key and transferable skills sets in addition to technical ones together with UK academic validation makes our programme in Journalism and New Media quite unique in Egypt as well as in the Middle East.


That the Journalism and New Media programme is a strong one can be attributed to the fact that:

  1. BUE is one of the few universities in the region that offers a Final Year Project module which seeks to develop students’ media practice skills and their abilities to manage a major media project independently and in self-directed learning by requiring them to submit a substantial outlet which they will work on over a period of two semesters under the supervision of a faculty member. 
  2. Offers a module in the final year of undergraduate study that helps to train students for convergence media production as well as other modules that specifically address online media.
  3. Offers students a comprehensive programme of study that incorporates modules from a variety of sub-disciplines like media and society, media and politics, multimedia, and development communication.