Students have a choice of four programmes:

  • Journalism and New Media, where students focus on editing for newspapers and new media, practicing multimedia production and conducting investigative reports.   
  • Radio and Television, where students acquire knowledge and skills of producing and presenting audio and visual materials and documentary films. Furthermore, the course enables students to produce and manage webcasting platforms for different purposes.  
  • Film and Media Studies, where student have the ability to study and practice film directing, writing and production. The programme also provides students with skills to compare, analyse and evaluate in a logical, systematic manner different approaches to cinema and media issues, film and media production, media and society, media and politics, and media consumption.  
  • Integrated Marketing communications, where students learn and practice integrated marketing communication as a comprehensive discipline that deals with advertising, public relations, market research, online marketing, tactical and strategic decisions in marketing,  social marketing and advocacy, media crisis, media management and media theory. Students are expected to have the ability to plan and implement integrated marketing campaigns and learn the skills of managing media agencies. This programme moreover helps students in developing their skills and capacities in social marketing, advocacy, and public diplomacy.

Objectives of the Communication and Mass Media Programmes:

  • Prepare new generation of media practitioners highly qualified for dealing with traditional and new media.
  • Enhance media practicing for students, graduates, civil society organisations (CSOs), and local agencies.
  • Produce a new generation of media and communication researchers and academic professionals throughout the region.
  • Work as a think tank and consultancy agency for corporations, political institutions and media organisations

Partnership of the Faculty of Communication and Mass Media:

The Faculty seeks to build internal and external relationships with media agencies, local communities, national and international educational and research institutes. In this regard, the Faculty embraced some programmes and modules from different national and international universities. In addition, the Faculty of Communication and New Media shared the suggested programmes with London South Bank University, which is projected to cooperate with BUE in accrediting the four programmes. Furthermore, BUE is looking forward to sign such agreements and protocols with different local and international partners, especially those who have good reputations in media training and media research.