Legal Challenges of Blockchain: A Case Study on Cryptocurrency

The Faculty of Law at the BUE hosted a workshop entitled “Legal Challenges of Blockchain” on Monday, September 24, 2018. The workshop is one of the scientific programmes  launched  by the Faculty’s Centre for Law and Emerging Technologies (CLETs) which is one of a kind in the Middle East. It aims at studying the legal issues related to emerging technologies.

In the presence of a number of notable legal and technical experts, the workshop extensively discussed the organisational and legal complications of Blockchain in Egypt as well as Cryptocurrency being one of its applications. The workshop hosted eminent public figures from the Ministry of  Finance and the Ministry of Investment, besides others working in the Financial Institutions, the Blockchain and the legal field. The opening speech and the welcome speech were delivered by the Faculty Dean and the BUE President respectively.

The workshop tackled the status quo of the legal and economic issues providing effective suggestions and solutions. Professor Hassan Abdel-Hamid, the Faculty Dean, stated that this workshop is the third one held under the auspices of the Faculty’s Centre for Law and Emerging Technologies. The Dean affirmed that technology and globalisation are the fundamental reasons behind the change of the theory of law and the traditional concepts. The workshop has been an attempt to identify the legal and economic challenges facing the current emerging technologies.   

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