In an attempt to help students explore various opportunities, the Faculty of law at the British University in Egypt co-hosted the TEDxYouth@EBIS event in the BUE auditorium, Saturday 1st of September 2018.   This was viewed as one of the biggest summits that were facilitated by the BUE, where over 400 International High School Students from all over Egypt were gathered in a one-day event under the name of TEDxYouth@EBIS.

The TEDxYouth@EBIS is a community-driven event that attracts millions of people worldwide, where its Programme is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals. It is organized by a group of local youth volunteers. The goal is to be a catalyst to get the community talking, dreaming, and growing together.  

BUE provided all of its resources and facilities for the students and helped in obtaining the perfect environment that made them more knowledgeable and aware during the event.  

Many influencers were introduced to the students, who shared their life experiences, to show them the difference between insistence and persistence, how to face their fears and be motivated. Speakers were:   - Mahynour El Okda: Regional Trainer at Emerald Publishing
- Dr Nourhan Kandil famous blogger and nutritionist
- Mohammed Saddek: author of best –selling book and movie Hepta, Taha El Gahareeb and other books.
- Nada El Ashoumy: founder of Elite female‘s community “Miss Basket ”
- Yasmine Yousri: Cancer Survivor who became one of the most reputable entrepreneurs in the Middle East.
- Mohamed Nagy: Mental Health Awareness
- Abdelrahman Moustafa: Teleportation and how a person should use this term in his daily life
. - Maya Ashraf. - Ahmed Magdy: a famous athlete who is on a mission to revolutionize the sports' industry in Egypt as a whole through the use of technology.
- Reham Medhat: a speech about the difference between selflessness and self-lessens
- Randa Samir: the first ever gamification experience in Egypt
- Mazen Kazem: History of intelligence
- Maria Maged - Yahya Ghobashy
- Mohamed Kilany: Famous athlete the first and Arab and Egyptian amputee to get all these achievements and medals since he lost his leg in a train - accident.  

Professor Hassan Abdelhamid, Faculty of Law Dean, attended part of the event, pointing out the importance for students to develop their skills to introduce them to real life, and emphasizing to continuous support of the BUE

The Faculty of Law at the British University in Egypt (“BUE”) is pleased to announce that it will sign a cooperation protocol with Sharkawy and Sarhan Law Firm on Wednesday, 18th July 2018. This cooperation protocol is a part of Faculty of Law’s strong commitment to provide its students with an excellent legal education and legal training that will give them the necessary skills and practical experience before graduation.

The protocol will see both Faculty of Law and Sharkawy and Sarhan cooperating in several areas such as providing internship opportunities at Sharkawy and Sarhan for BUE students, participation of Sharkawy and Sarhan staff in workshops and seminars held at the BUE in their areas of expertise, providing advice to Faculty of Law in relation to the latest developments in the legal market to update curriculums accordingly, and coordination in relation to different moot court activities and other activities held at the Faculty of Law. The protocol also provides for collaboration between the two institutions with regard to academic research in general.  

Sharkawy and Sarhan is one of the leading law firms in Egypt working on some of the largest and most complex transactions in the Egyptian market. They work with leading international law firms, which do not have presence in Egypt, to represent and provide legal service for clients in trans-border transactions and matters. They also act as Egyptian legal counsel to major multinational companies. Furthermore, Sharkawy and Sarhan – as part of its corporate social responsibility - is committed to help legal education in Egypt and the professional development of Egyptian students and fresh graduates.

The protocol signing ceremony  held at the BUE Campus in Sherouk City and was concluded in the Presence of the University’s President , Dean of Faculty of Law, Faculty of Law staff, along with the senior partner and associates from Sharkawy and Sarhan Law firm.

The Faculty of Law - BUE is glad to announce the appointment of it's Dean, Prof. Hassan Abdel Hamid as Adjunct Professor at Laurentian University, in the Departmnet of Law and Justice. Laurentian University was ranked among the top 10 Universities in Maclean's annual servey, it was incorporated on March 28, 1960,as a bilingual university in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Laurentian sets the stage for successful graduates who are passionate about their future. Moreover, Laurentian offers dynamic and unique undergraduate programs with several options that allow to choose and combine program offerings for a multidisciplinary experience.

It's our pleasure to mention that Prof. Hassan will be Co-Supervising Master's Students at the University and in promoting research there as a part of his role.

We would like to congratulate Prof. Hassan and wish him more and more success
The Faculty of Law at the British University in Egypt (“BUE”) is glad to announce that it has signed on Thursday, 21 June 2018 a memorandum of understanding (“MoU”) with Institute of Law and Economics (”ILE”) at Hamburg University, Germany.

The MoU is a step toward Faculty of Law’s ambitious plan to initiate international partnerships with respectable institutions to support its teaching and research mission. The MoU’s main aims are promoting the study of Law and Economics in the undergraduate level at the Faculty of Law, conducting joint research, and having exchange programs.

Under this MoU both the Faculty of Law and ILE will hold joint workshops in Egypt or Hamburg in mutual topics of interest. Furthermore, both institutions will exchange students and faculty staff with the opportunity to spend research stays at Hamburg University for Faculty of Law staff. Moreover, Faculty of Law students will get the opportunity to join summer schools held at Hamburg University.

The Institute of Law and Economics (“ILE”) is a part of the Faculty of Law at Hamburg University and was founded in 1997 to enhance research and teaching in the field of Law and Economics, as well as to facilitate the communication between the researchers of both the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics at Hamburg University. The ILE offers a one year Master's Degree in Law and Economics (LLM). In addition, since 1998, the ILE offers a Ph.D. program in Law and Economics in cooperation with other prestigious European universities. Moreover, the ILE offers several basic and advanced courses in the Economic Analysis of Competition Law, Tort law, Contract Law, Property Law, Public Law, and Corporate Law.

The MoU was signed by Prof. Ahmed Hamad, President of the BUE and Prof. Hassan Abdelhamid, Dean of Faculty of Law, and prof. Stefan Voigt, Director of the ILE at Hamburg University.

The Center for Law and Emerging Technology of the Faculty of Law at the British University in Egypt hosted a discussion forum on “The legal Challenges of Sharing Economy” on Wednesday 2nd of May 2018.

Professor Hassan Abdel Hamid the professor of the Philosophy of Law and the Dean of the Faculty of Law at the British University in Egypt started his opening speech by stating that: “Many experts from both legislative and judicial systems have been invited to the workshop to discuss the idea of sharing economy and the legal challenges facing it.” He also added that the entire world is currently facing a problem with the regulation of the digital sharing economy which triggered the faculty to initiate this workshop in the first place.
The sharing economy has become one of the most important systems impacting the economy in the twenty first century. Its idea is based on sharing the material and human assets including creating, producing, consumption of goods, services and skills between people and commercial entities.

Regarding sharing economy and Ridesharing companies, Dr. Khaled Serry, the former president of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Stock Exchange market stated that “The world is heading to more usage of sharing economy due to the lack of resources and the increase in the world population to reach 10 billion by 2050.” He also clarified that this type of companies, Uber and Careem, are a huge addition to the Egyptian economy especially that there are approximately 200 thousand cars and drivers working in this field. Each makes around four trips per day which eventually make a total of 800 thousand rides per day.  

As for the cyber security, Mr. Mohamed El Gendy, the expert in cyber security in the United Nations and a staff member of Faculty of Law at the British University in Egypt mentioned that: “Data are the fuel of the 21st century and the main element in building the sharing economy”. He has also stated that all the devices and applications we use collect information which they in return use to allocate their clients via a process known as data analysis. He as well highlighted the importance of having legal frame to protect the data specially that the protecting the users’ information lies under the responsibility of the service providers.

Dr. Marwa Zein, the program director in the Faculty of Law at the British University in Egypt, added on this regard that “There is a possibility of misusage of the information which could constitute a risk on the users’ lives and an invasion of their privacy. This negative usage of information could render these companies civilly and criminally liable.”  Dr. Marwa has also underlined that protecting the users will be impossible if they are not aware of the kind of personal information they are disclosing.

However, Dr. Mostafa Abdel Kader, former president of the taxes authority, clarified that the issue of sharing economy models, Uber and Careem, can be solved if a strong yet simplifies tax legislation was imposed on them because after all these kind of companies are always cautious about having an official legal status in Egypt. That way we can monitor and shed the light on their activities.

As for the legislative aspect of this issue, the head of the telecommunications committee in the parliament, Nedal Al Said, added that the “information technology transportation law” added that the government has proposed the draft of a 20 articles law the law after cooperation between ministry of transportation, investment and telecommunication. He further stated that some amendments have been made to the proposed law. One of the amendments explicitly made to draw the line for the state’s authority in obtaining the users’ information from the service providers.