First place in the Price Media Law Moot court Competition Oxford 2018

The Faculty of Law at the British University in Egypt won the first place in the Price Media Law Moot court Competition in it’s  Middle East Regional Rounds, and has been qualified to the international in Oxford 2018.
The  Competition is organized by Oxford University where its regional rounds were held at Notre Dame University-Louaize NDU, Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon.  Fourteen Universities have participated from Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Tunisia, and Iran, The competition is based on  oral pleadings as well as written defense memorandums on several topics related to Media Law and Human Rights. The Faculty of Law Mooting team was able to win all the matches in which they competed in the preliminary stages against the Lebanese University from Lebanon, Mansoura University from Egypt, and University of Alama Tabatabai from Iran. In the semi-finals, the team competed against Gaheed Baheshty University from Iran; and then competed against Mansoura University from Egypt once again in the finals.

The Jury was presided by Judge Mark Stevens, an attorney at the English Courts and a partner in Howard Kennedy's UK office and a media law expert, Judge Olga Kafran, Head of the External Communication Office of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, and Judge Jelena Baminak, an attorney specialized in International Humanitarian Law, Diakonia Organization, Lebanon.

The British University team consisted of six students in the second year of the Faculty of Law and they are: -  
* Nourhan Sayed Hussein Shaaban
* Rafik Ramez Mansour Nasim Mansour
*  Ahmed Motaz Ahmed Sheir
*Youssef Abdelhamid Youssef Mohamed Abdelhamid 
* Yousef Youssry Abdelmoneam Saleh
*  Omar Hussein Abdelkarim Tantawy Mubarak

The students were supervised and coached by: -
  Ms. Maha Omar, Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Law-BUE -   
Mr. Mahmoud Hany, Demonstrator at the Faculty of Law-Bue


United Nations Simulation

As the Faculty of Law has a practical policy towards the legal field, the Faculty of Law-BUE was honored to hold a simulation visualising the United Nations Security Council, discussing the Syrian Conflict and the possibility of referring Mr. Bashar Al-Assad to the International Criminal Court. By the end of this simulation, Delegates of States voted on two draft resolutions. Our students were able to recognise the Syrian Conflict and the alliances and antagonists to the Syrian Regime by Week Nine. In Week Eleven, they were familiar with the procedures of the simulation. Reaching Week Twelve, the Simulation was held.        It is of great importance to mention that preparations for such simulations last for semesters; however, the students were prepared in much less time, despite this, their performance was outstanding.  


Civil Status Law

On the path of the Legal cultural seminars conducted by the Faculty of Law – BUE under the domain of “Ignorance of Law is not an excuse”, a new seminar was held by the Faculty on Sunday 19 November 2017, a new seminar under the name of “Civil Status law” was held at the Faculty of Law – BUE. The session was delivered by Professor El Sayed Eid Nayel – The professor of civil law and the former Dean of the Faculty of Law at Ain Shams University- and conducted by Prof. Hassan Abdel Hamid – The BUE Faculty of Law’s Dean. The seminar was about  civil status law and the major issues that are of the concern of the community like marriage, divorce and heritage under the Egyptian Laws.


The Legal Confrontation against terrorism

As a part of the Faculty’s mission in contributing to the development of the community’s Legal Awareness, the Faculty conduct it’s 10th seminar in the Series of the Legal Culture Seminar. The seminar was held by Prof. Ahmed Fathy Srour, the professor of Criminal Law at Cairo University and the Ex Speaker of the people’s assembly. The seminar was named “ The legal confrontation of Terrorism” , it was mainly about discovering the methodology of combating terrorism through legal means and the promulgation of Laws for this purpose, Prof. Srour clarified the special nature of terror crimes and the different methodologies of the countries in promulgating Laws to secure their countries against terrorism and to prosecute any crimes of this nature. 


Challenges facing Egypt in International investment Arbitration

On the path of the Legal cultural seminars conducted by the Faculty of Law – BUE under the domain of “Ignorance of Law is not an excuse”, a new seminar was held by the Faculty on Sunday the 12th of November 2017 named “Challenges of Egypt in International Investment Arbitration”. The session was delivered by Counselor Mahmoud El Kharashy – Head of International Law sector in the external disputes department at  the Egyptian Lawsuits Authority –and conducted by Prof. Hassan Abdel Hamid – The Faculty Dean. The seminar was about differentiating between commercial and investment arbitrations and Egypt’s challenges in International Investment arbitration. On this occasion Councilor El Kharashy alluded to  Egyptian Lawsuits Authority’ s efforts in handling the Arbitration to which Egypt is a party to reduce the cost of assigning International Law firms to handle the disputes.