Industrial internships are designed to provide an opportunity for students to gain industrial experience and reinforce their learning by working on real world problems. The students are prepared to perform specific tasks according to their years of study. Students are allocated training venues as a result of :

  1. Internship fairs held at BUE.
  2. Industrial contacts established by the academic staff .
  3. Industrial liaison committees in the Faculties
  4. Any other personal contacts.

        BUE students are treated during their internship programmes as on-the-job trainees whereby specific tasks are assigned to them as appropriate to their level of knowledge, as indicated in the training profile.

It is the sole responsibility of students to seek knowledge and understanding of all matters underpinning their assigned tasks.

Students shall collect complete information as appropriate to their training venue.

Summer Training Application/Registration Form

Engineering Training Management Chart

Engineering Training Manual Second Edition 2015