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  • Building: G
  • Employee type: Full-time
  • Extension Number: 1622
  • Room: 131-2
  • Education History:
    • Jan 2006 – July 2010: PhD in Computer Science, July 2010 University College London, UK Area: Intelligent Systems in Finance  
      Thesis: Researching the robustness of factor models evolved using multiobjective genetic programming algorithm for asset ranking in portfolio management. The research contributes to knowledge in two areas. In Finance, it investigated factors subsets and model characteristics that contribute to understanding of market behavior. In Computer science, it developed quantitative metrics for performance of multiobjective algorithms in out-of-sample data as well as enhancing their performance in financial dynamic environments. Developed a trading investment simulator in Java Built up expertise in basic economic and financial theories.
    • May 2005 – May 2006: Diploma, Online Tutoring, May 2006 Aalborg University, Denmark.
    • Sept 1996 – June 1999: M.Sc. Computer Science, June 1999 American University in Cairo, Egypt. Course Work: o Design of Algorithms and Complexity Analysis o Neural Networks & Evolutionary Algorithms o Software Engineering Thesis: Evolution of Recurrent Neural Network using Cooperative Co-evolutionary Genetic Algorithms
    • Sept 1990 - Jan 1995: B.Sc, Computer Science, January 1995 American University in Cairo, Egypt Minor: Digital Electronics, and Mathematics GPA: 3.47/4.0 (Honors)
  • Bio:
    • Sept 2014 – current: Lecturer, British University in Egypt, Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science.
    • Sept 2010 – Aug 2014: Lecturer, Ain Shams University. Responsible for teaching the following courses: Design and Analysis of Algorithms, and Object Oriented programming. Coordinator for the graduation projects in the CS Department. Supervisor for graduation projects
    • Spring 2012 - Spring 2013: Part time Lecturer, British University in Cairo. Taught the Programming in Java Course, Computer Science Department.
    • Spring 2011/2012 & Spring 2012/ 2013.: Taught the Introduction to Programming using Java, Electrical Engineering Department.
    • Fall 2012/2013. Mar 2009 – Oct 2009: Back Testing system developer, HSBC Investment Bank, London, UK o Developed an order book reconstruction system designed to evaluate various metrics of a production system used in the equity market. Built system GUI and performance charting capabilities. System is currently embedded within HSBC trading platform.
    • Nov 2004 – Jan 2006: Developer, Mediterranean Virtual University, EU funded project o Developed material for web distance learning of computer courses. Skills gained: Team work and communication skills; working within the small team of the course, and the larger team of the university, including management from Strathclyde, UK, and Aalborg, Denmark.
    • June 1999 – Jan 2006: Teaching Assistant, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt o Assisted with lectures, course material, exam correction in: Algorithms Analysis and Design, Operating Systems Concepts and Data Mining.
    • Sept 1996 – June 1999: Demonstrator, Ain Shams University of Assisted with problem sessions in the following courses: Introduction to Information Systems, Data Structure, File Organization, and AI. Skills gained: Time management and organization skills; managing both the job and studying for Master’s, and meeting deadlines in both. Building confidence and techniques necessary for oral presentations.
    • Jan 1996 – Sept 1996: Support Engineer, Open Soft Software Company, Cairo Organized and taught workshops for graphics software.
    • June 1995 – Dec. 1996: Research Assistant, American University in Cairo Worked on developing syntax and compiler for an Object Oriented Language.
  • Fields of Interest:
    • Data Mining Techniques & Applications & Big Data Analytics.
    • Machine Learning Algorithms & Evolutionary.
    • Computation Computational Finance & Social Network Analysis and Modelling.
  • Modules:
    • Data Structure.
    • Object Oriented Programming.
    • Software Project Managment.
    • Managment Information Systems.
    • Data Mining and Warehousing.
  • Responsibilities: Exam Officer.


Journal Publications:
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Conference Publications:
  1. Sarah Elsharkawy, Ghada Hassan, Tarek Nabhan, Mohamed Roushdy.” Studying the Dissemination of the K-core Influence in Twitter Cascades”. AIAI 2018, 14th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations, 25-27 Mat 2018, Springer.
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