Organizing and Session Chairing International Conference in Athens

Dr. Walid Hussein organized and chaired a session in 20st International Conference on Circuits, Systems, Communications and Computers (CSCC 2017), Corfu Island, Athens

organizing and session sharing international conference in Athens photo

Sustainable Pattern Recognition for Life Science Applications
Organizer-Chairman: Dr.-Ing. Walid Hussein
Center for Advanced Informatics and Business Intelligence
Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science
The British University in Egypt
Cairo, Egypt

The implementation of pattern recognition approaches in the field of life science israpidly expanding and predicted to grow strongly in the next decades. In general, life science research covers the areas of food, medical, business, industrial and environmental researches. In each area, researchers try to design a mathematical model for a specific problem. The aim of this session is to pool the recent advances in the numerical techniques in improving the pattern recognition based solutions of life science problems.

Signal processing applications in life science problems
Image processing applications in life science problems
Machine learning approaches in life science problems
Software engineering schemes for life science problems
Multimedia and mobile computing techniques for life science problems