ICS Gaming Competition




The Faculty of Informatics & Computer Science (ICS) in the British University in Egypt (BUE) conducted its first gaming competition. The competition was started by the module leader for the "System Analysis and Design", Dr. Nahla Barakat. The intention was for the students to implement their accrued theoretical knowledge to construct a game. The game had to have a creative design, with a well-established plot and feasible control systems, in addition to the technical aspects.

The students took this project to a whole new level of creative concepts and constructed more than twenty 2D and 3D games. As a result, ICS held the gaming competition and invited all the faculties of the University to participate and vote for the best games to win the first, second and third place. The professors of ICS judged the games upon the technical aspects, while the students voted for the most entertaining games. The President of the BUE, Prof. Ahmed Hamad, presented the winning teams with medals and certificates of appreciation. Prof. Hamad was extremely satisfied with the students' accomplishments and stated that the University will provide full support to the faculty of ICS, due to that the fact that information technology has become one of the leading industries of the current century.

The winning teams were as follows:

First Prize: "Village of Heroes"

  • Asem Abdelrahman Hafez
  • Mohamed Khalid Abdulla
  • Mohamed Mohamed Abbas
  • Ahmed Abdelfattah Soliman

The game begins in a small village known as "Winterville", which was invaded by a group of aliens led by "Medusa"; and it is up to the saviours "Jacx" and "Col" to defend Winterville and exterminate Medusa and bring the village to safety.

Second Prize: "Fictional Fighters"

  • Mohamed Sayed Fathallah
  • Mohamed Hossam Al Sawaf
  • Mohamed Ahmed Hagras
  • Mohamed Taha Abdelazim

The game is about a fictional character known as "Adam", who was living peacefully with his family on a small island in the Atlantic until the age of nine. One day, on Christmas Eve, the "invaders" conquered the island, killed its inhabitants and destroyed everything to get hold of the "Magic Sphere", that gives the island the island the energy to survive and without which everyone dies. Adam became the only hope to save the island and get back the stolen sphere.

Third Prize: "Mystery of Black Island"

  • Ahmed Saad Ebrahim
  • Omar Sherif Mansour
  • Fady Attiah Fawzy
  • Sherif Ayman Abdelaziz

The game is during the golden age of 1682, in which the main character is known as "Captain Fyounik" who travels to the "Port Royal" island in the Caribbean Sea to look for fame and treasure. His first mission begins after he receives a letter from the British Royalty ordering him to attack the Spanish fleet. Later on, a peace treaty was created with Spain and acts of piracy were banned, yet an unknown party attacked Fyounik's ship and everyone died except him. He made his mission to seek revenge for his friends, but while sailing he found a map to a hidden treasure leading him to the "Black Island". However, he was not the only one seeking the treasure, the question is will he survive the adventure?