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To whom it may concern,

This document confirms Abdel Rahman Maged Sayed Ahmed ,Amr Hesham Hassan Omar,Mohamed Hossam El Sabbagh, Mohamed Ahmed Bakr,Amr Salah Abulnaga,Sodaq luay Murtadha from British University in Egypt have been chosen to participate and are participating in the Microsoft student partner (MSP) program.

The MSP program recognizes the top young student minds from selected university that are passionate about technology. Student partners,help their fellow university students stay up to date with new and current technology. Organizing seeeins, creating tech clubs, and making sure students have access to free original Microsoft sofware are some of the responsibilities of amicrosoft student partner.In addition to all the trainings the MSPs get from professionals provided by Microsoft ,They also benefit from this program by the experience of organizing , planning and executing sessions , organizing and administrating Microsoft programs ,and learning from there professors and administration how the professional wold works.

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Imagine cup awareness Session Proposal

The goal of this session is to increase the awareness of BUE Students about the Imagine Cup and how to register in it and compete with the other worldwide students.
After this session we will help the students that registered in the Imagine cup with their ideas and support them with their technical implementation and help them making a good business Plan in cooperation with Microsoft Egypt.

What is Imagine Cup ?!

The Microsoft Imagine Cup is the world's premier student technology competition. We invite all eligible students to use their imagination and passion to create a technology solution in one of six competitions and challenges.

Over the past ten years, more than 1.65 million students from more than 190 countries have participated in the Imagine Cup. When you join the Imagine Cup community, you'll connect with other whip-smart creatives from all over the world to share ideas, have fun, and be there when the next big thing is unveiled.

Imagine Cup 2013 is your chance to:

• Break new ground, solve tough problems facing the world today, and maybe even turn your ideas into a business
• Get involved in the next wave of games and applications – the future is in your hands
• Learn new technological skills
• Test yourself against the brightest students around the world
• Make new friends
• Win cash, grants, and prizes – plus, a chance for a free trip to St. Petersburg, Russia, next July to compete at the Imagine Cup 2013 Worldwide Finals!

The world is waiting for you. Are you ready to dream it, build it, live it and win it? Register today, sign up for the Imagine Cup 2013 competition category that interests you, and get started!


C# Programming Language


Enhance your experience in programming anq learn what C# basics are and how to start using it in developing applications


Tech Club at BUE

Do you have an app or game idea that will not only challenge the skills of fellow students, but also reach millions?
If you do, the Midnight Developer Challenge is ready for you! The competition is now live and your fellow developers are preparing to unleash their code on the region.

It will take a lot of late nights. It will take your most innovative ideas. It will take superhero effort.

If you're ready to win $35,000 USD worth of cash prizes, trip to Nokia Global Event, XBOX and Nokia Lumia 920, then start creating a great app or game for the most innovative smartphone!

In addition, your entry might also be eligible to the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013 WindowsPhone challenge, there's no reason to wait!

Here are important dates to keep in mind:

Competition Registration
November 8th December 1st 2012

Dev Center Submission Deadline
January 30th 2013

App Publication Deadline
February 28th 2013

Winner Announcement
March 28th 2013
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Microsoft Dreamspark
Imagine Cup

What is Discovery?
Discovery is a camp organized and delivered by Microsoft Student Partners in the Windows Phone 7

Our Target:
We aim to help the attendees to learn from scratch in Windows Phone 7, so the attendee can develop his own idea and turn it into a real life application.

What will the attendee get?
By the end of this camp, the attendee will be granted a certificate with the Microsoft logoand the BUE logo.

What will the team get?
By the end of this camp, the team will get a certificate appreciating their efforts.

How did the Attendees register?
First Discovery was an event were selected students to did the interview then we called them back the accepted students and discovery was delayed

Second the team shared the registration link through social media means.

Third Discovery Social Media Team made a competition for the rest of the attendees

Number of attendees 175

Apps submitted: 10

Apps in progress: 40

We formed a group on Facebook "Windows Phone Solution" to support the attendees and share our knowledge.

Social Media Coverage

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Discovery Event Page

Tech Clubs Page on facebook