Faculty of Nursing Organizational Chart - AY (2018/2019)

 A complete uniform is a MUST (follow uniform code dress in your WBL)
 Unifrom designated bu MMNF.
 Cardigans (or equivalent) could be worn when working in the clinical area and be navy blue only. A white bodu sleeves can be worn under the unifrom.
Head cover may be worn for religious purposes but must not be loose and dangling neither volumionous ans shoud be neatly tucked inside the unifrom. the head cover should be navy blue.
 Unifrom should be changed frequenlty
 Jewelers  should be discreet. One ring plain only is allowed.
 ID should be worn at all times on a secficed ribbon around the neck.
 Female students: Hair Must Be Neat, Fixed and Tie at the Back
 Girls who are wearing scarf should be dark blue
 Male students: Clean Hair Cut and shaving
 fingernails should be short, clean, be careful about your personal hygiene
 You should wear white socks
 Shoes (Dark Black Or Blue)
  You are requested to carry a hanged small bag with minimum requirement.
 You should have the following equipment:
 Notebook, Pen (Black or Blue).
 Wear watch with Seconds
 Surgical Scissor.
 Tape Measurement.

Faculty of Nursing Staff
The Faculty of Nursing in the British University in Egypt is honored to present some successful stories of its own graduates who are recruited as demonstrators in faculty of nursing in the British University in Egypt as follows:
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