1. The Faculty Strategy
In light of the University Strategic plan, the Faculty Strategic Plan 2017-2020 establishes the context within which Teaching and Learning operates and sets out a clear Vision, Mission, Core Values and Operating Principles. The Teaching and Learning Strategy and Plan sets out the strategic objectives for the Faculty as well as key targets to be achieved 2018-2019.
BUE-Faculty of Pharmacy Strategic Objectives
First Goal: Increase Competitiveness in Pharmaceutical Education


1- Ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of leadership and administrative systems within a suitable organizational framework.

2- Improve and upgrade the faculty infrastructure and facilities.

3- Develop the educational program in accordance with the national academic reference standards and to meet the needs of the labor market.

4- Implementation of an advanced teaching and learning strategy to achieve the goals of the educational program.

5- Improve and develop the faculty competitive status.

Second Goal: Improve Human Resources and Student Support and Quality of Education


1- Achieve continuous development of the capabilities of academic and administrative staff.

2- Develop and enhance means of support for students and alumni.

3- Implement higher education quality systems.

Third Goal: Support Scientific Research and Innovation and Implement Postgraduate Studies Program


1- Achieve excellence and enhance effectiveness of scientific research.

2- Provide means of support and encouragement for researchers.

3- Implement postgraduate studies program.

Fourth Goal: Promote Community Service and Environment Development


1- Activate the role of the faculty in community service and environment development.

2- Promote the participation of community members in the faculty activities.
To improve the quality of teaching and research performance in the faculty and community service by developing an integrated system of internal review and self-assessment works to achieve the mission and strategic objectives stated and depends on measuring systems and mechanisms that are fair and transparent and recognized by national organization to ensure quality education and certification

رسالة الوحدة تعمل الوحدة على تحسين جودة الأداء التعليمي والبحثي بالكلية وكذا الخدمة المجتمعية من خلال تطوير نظام متكامل للمراجعة الداخلية والتقييم الذاتى يعمل على تحقيق رسالة الكلية وأهدافها الاستراتيجية المعلنة و يعتمد على نظم وآليات قياس تتسم بالعدالة والشفافية ومعترف بها من قبل الهيئة القومية لضمان جودة التعليم والاعتماد
The unit should be a center for spreading the culture of quality performance and innovation in the field of academic and professional work at universities inside and outside the country.

رؤية الوحدة أن تكون الوحدة مركزاً لنشر ثقافة جودة الأداء والإبداع في مجال العمل الأكاديمي والمهني على مستوى الجامعات داخل وخارج الوطن