The Faculty of Engineering at The British University in Egypt was established in 2005 by a Presidential Decree, as the result of inter-governmental agreement between Egypt and the UK. The BUE is an Egyptian private university within the framework of Egyptian educational law and regulations providing a British style of education with an ethos consistent with UK quality assurance and academic standards.

Over the past ten years the Faculty of Engineering has established its academic programmes underpinned by a university wide robust quality assurance system. The faculty started with five programmes and about 60 students and today it houses eight undergraduate programmes in addition to three post graduate programmes. The student population reached 2500 students and the staff reached 300 members between academic, teaching assistant, lab engineers and administrative.

The faculty has maintained, over the years, the validation of its programmes by our UK partners through its intricate quality assurance procedures. With the recent development of the new BUE strategy 2017-22, in support of Egypt’s vision Egypt-2030, it is imperative that the Faculty of Engineering revise its new strategic plan to ensure its alignment with the strategic interests of the whole university and the country. Several workshops were held across the faculty to engage staff in formulating the new BUE and underlying faculty strategies in the upcoming five years.
The Faculty of Engineering’s ambition is underpinned by a clear vision and mission, and the adoption of a number of core values and operating principles.

THE BUE VISION BUE will be highly ranked and internationally respected, making a significant contribution to the development of Egypt and the MENA region.

THE FACULTY VISION The Faculty of Engineering strives to be regionally recognized as a leading institution dedicated to professionalism, research and community development, while offering students and researchers internationally accredited engineering programmes.

THE BUE MISSION Operating on a vibrant 21st century university campus, offering a modern innovative British style education producing distinctive, highly employable and high caliber graduates contributing to the development of Egypt and MENA region.

THE FACULTY MISSION To provide a broad spectrum of education and research with a British ethos, working with UK and global partners to offer internationally recognized quality degrees that enable graduates to develop their knowledge and entrepreneurship skills and to contribute to the community development.  

CORE VALUES To promote our unique identity through: Mutual respect in a multicultural environment. Academic honesty and integrity. The maintenance of high academic standards. Continuous quality improvement. The development of the Faculty’s community and contribution to society. The full engagement and involvement of staff, students and alumni. Open and transparent leadership and management. Concern for sustainability. OPERATING PRINCIPLES In accordance with the founding principles our operating principles are characterised by: Governance that ensures a dual Egyptian/British board and a credible system that ensures transparency and academic independence. Quality assurance mechanisms that ensure that standards are equal to those of the British validating institutions and that students have a comparable experience to those in the UK. State of the art programmes that underpin our graduates’ abilities to achieve their potential in a highly evolving and developing profession. Emphasizing student’s self-learning and critical thinking, in order to allow them the ability to excel and continuously develop their creative problem solving skills. A research lead education with the majority of our staff engaged in state of the art relevant research that informs their teaching and curriculum development. Industrial engagement and integration with the faculty’s activities and objectives.

Strategic Objective

Produce employable graduates in fields of high demand across Egypt and the MENA region, through a technology enabled, high quality, and British style teaching and learning, within a vibrant 21st Century setup.
Faculty of Engineering academic staff are currently pursuing research in a broad range of areas across all departments. This is strongly encouraged and supported by the Faculty through several incentive and support mechanisms. There are key research areas aligned with our stated mission and the Faculty wishes to see critical mass established (or existing critical mass maintained) in these key areas.

In addition to the individual research plans and activities within each department, the faculty established multi-disciplinary research groups in order to ensure the development of research teams working towards writing of research grant proposals, in addition to encouraging multi-disciplinary research activities. The following lists the main research groups within the faculty:

Enabling Objective

To ensure the necessary structures and mechanisms are in place to support our academic ambition and the successful delivery of our strategic objectives.