In a world filled with technology, Tech tycoons like Prof. Hatim Zaghloul are highly recognized nationally and internationally. And as FEEE is always trying to engage its students with Industry leaders even at Preparatory year, we invited Prof. Hatim Zaghloul to attend one of Dr. Tarek Hatim lectures on Energy and humanities, and give the students a lecture on Patent building, Entrepreneurship and other areas that Prof. Hatim Zaghloul’s has exceeded all limits at it.

He accepted our invitation and on 17th of October visited FEEE and gave the students a thorough lecture of his outstanding achievements in the areas of Communication and patent building and legislation. He also talked about how earned around 2 Billion dollars from a patent that enabled the Wi-Fi and Communication scheme that we are using today.

Short Bio on Prof. Hatim Zaghloul:

Hatim Zaghloul, an Egyptian Canadian, is recognized as a visionary leader in the hi-tech community. In 1992, Dr. Zaghloul co-founded Wi-LAN Inc., and under his direction, the two technologies he co-invented with Dr. Michel Fattouche became the heart of many wireless communications standards: WiFi (IEEE802.11a/g/n), 3G (H and H+), and 4G (WiMAX).

Dr. Zaghloul holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Cairo University as well as a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Calgary.

Dr. Zaghloul has published extensively in technical journals and holds over ten patents. Dr. Zaghloul envisioned in 1991 how WOFDM technology can become the main driver for all wideband wireless communications applications including wireless local area networking, wide area networking, cellular telephony and home networking.

Currently, Dr. Zaghloul lives in Egypt where he runs a number of ventures including Innovative Products for Life Inc. (a technology commercialization company).

Dr. Zaghloul co-founded Wi-LAN Inc., Cell-Loc Inc., NTG Clarity Networks Inc., QCC Technology Inc., Innovative Products for Life Inc., and Wireless Inc. Dr. Zaghloul has been awarded many awards: One of 10 Great Canadians by MacLeans’ Magazine in July 2000; Calgarian of the Year 2000 with Dr. Fattouche by Business in Calgary magazine; and First Broadband Wireless Hall of Fame inductee (2000).