Centre for Law and Emerging Technologies (CLETs) will focus on ways in which law is responding to the challenges and opportunities afforded by emerging technologies. In addition, it will also study the new era of Legal Technology in which many experts believe that AI systems will replace most of the professions as we know it. Centre for Law and Emerging Technologies focuses on:
The Centre’s mission is to use policies as enabler of innovation for the betterment of society.
 “CENTRE FOR LAW AND EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES” or “CLETs” at Faculty of Law is an interdisciplinary research centre in the field of legal studies and emerging technologies. The centre specialises in investigating the relationship between law, ethics, and practice in the area of emerging technologies and honing those relationships to facilitate effective outcomes.
The centre aims to be an established leader in addressing the extraordinary legal and regulatory problems caused by the rapid development in technology, science and crimes in today’s world.