The student innovation research Community was founded and directed by Mr. Mostafa Akl in 2016 and now the acting director in 2016 & 2017 is Mr. Omar ElBalkini.

The Aim of the Center:
Our aim is developing the Employability Skills for BUE Business Students from different majors by preparing and qualifying them with the needed skills to work in national as well as multinational companies by using the latest employability skills researches and applying these researches in the form of sessions in different business topics to be taught by the faculty’s TAs and supervised by Doctors and professors.

2016’2017 Activities:
Prospects of Career Development Sessions. 
Under Construction
Under Construction
- Signing a mutual cooperation letter between the center and the AWTAD NGO foundation:
A letter of mutual cooperation was signed between the center and the AWTAD foundation. The project title is “Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Speed Unit” for enhancing Innovation and Growth in the Southern Neighborhood. The project will last for a duration of 48 months and it is a collaboration between three countries: Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia.
The lead coordinator of the project is the business Development center “BDC” in the Hashimite kingdom of Jordan in cooperation with AWTAD as a national partner.
The Egyptian side is represented by the British university in Egypt under the auspices of the center of innovation, Governance and Green Economy.

- Applying for Newton–Mosharafa Institutional links fund in collaboration with the political science department:
This research is a collaboration between the center for urban history of the University of Leicester and the center for innovation, Governance and green economy and the political science department in the faculty of Business in the British University in Egypt. The Title of the research project is “The people in the Plans: A comparative study of the cultural heritage of planned communities”.

- Applying for Newton–Mosharafa Institutional links fund in collaboration with the Economics department:
The project title is “Determining the scale, spatial distribution and potential Economic contribution of Micro- Enterprises in Egypt’s Informal Food sector”. The project is in collaboration between the center on innovation, and Green economy and the Employment research institute in the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and the Local Economy policy unit in London South Bank University.

- Regarding the Student Innovation research community formed under the auspices of the center in February 2016: (SIRC)
A student committee was formed replacing the current student team of the academic year 2015-2016, headed by Mr. Mostafa Akl H-level in BUE and who is graduating this year. A new team has been formed representing the Student research Community and headed by Mr. Omar El Balkini ID number 137747 and who is promoted this year to I-level in the business department in the BUE.
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