Research interests in our department cover a wide spectrum of issues including Middle Eastern studies, Middle East regional and International politics, Democratisation studies, State-Society dynamics, Development studies, and Political history. We have strong expertise in all these issues.
The Department has a highly research active staff who regularly contribute their work to major international conferences, publish in international Journals and supervise research degree students. Several of the staff are members of the Egyptian Economic Research Forum, a highly prestigious research organisation in the MENA region. The Department also edits and co-edits five international Journals.
Research Activities

Economics Academic Journal Publications
The Business Administration Department is defined and driven forward by its research. At the heart of the Business Department is an emphasis on high-quality academic research. We aim to be a regional leader in research, generating efficacious and vigorous research ideas and projects. The BUE Business Department is forging a cutting-edge and multidisciplinary research.  The BUE Business Department’s research is both academic and applied, with business focused research often developed in close collaboration with the industry. The department has a unique blend of expertise and a faculty of around 80 academics, many of which are internationally-renowned. Our research is organised into different subject areas, which reflect the expertise of our faculty members. Research at the BUE Business Department covers the broad areas of: Accounting and Finance, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, International Business and Marketing. Reinforcing the Department’s regional reputation academics participate and play an active role in a wide range of research led activities and events, including international conferences, workshops, and publishing in reputable journals. Our research focus on developing a better understanding of the role of business in economies and societies.