Establish and sustain a community of scientists based at the British University in Egypt and dedicated to high level research in the primary fields of mathematics and theoretical physics. Improve the research profile of Egypt in these fields through an active program of conferences, workshops and specialized seminars. Attract leading international researchers as short-term guest scientists or as scientific associates collaborating with the local research community. Serve existing Egyptian academic and research institutions by providing access to the research activities of and developing academic links with the members of the Centre. Contribute significantly to the promotion of science in general and of physics and mathematics in particular in Egypt, notably through an active program of lectures and other initiative aimed at improving the public understanding of science. Prepare an appropriate environment for a selected number of young scientists, Ph.D. and M.Sc. students, in order to do researches in their fields of theoretical physics.
The Centre for Theoretical Physics (CTP) has been founded by Prof. S. Khalil and established, at the BUE, in June 2006. The Centre is the 1st of its kind in the Egyptian Universities. It conducts research work, holding international activities (Workshops, Conferences, Schools for young researchers, supervising post graduate students and providing grants for both post graduate and post doctoral fellows).