The Faculty of Dentistry, The British University of Egypt would like to announce a three day event 19-21 July 2018. “Esthetics by the Nile: Artistic Dentistry and Solid Science” is the first event of Doorstep initiative taking place in July19, 20 and 21, 2018.
The British University in Egypt (BUE) - in cooperation with three Style Italiano and Bio-emulation speakers known for their quality research, great clinical skills and informative interesting lectures.
Day One: Hands-on workshop + Live Demo
Mastering partial indirect adhesive restorations
Day Two: Lectures - Five lectures:
Minimalistic non-invasive protocols for direct anterior restorations, partial indirect anterior ceramic restorations, Bio-emulation’s eLABor_aid protocol for clinicians; and partial indirect adhesive posterior esthetic restorations.
Day Three: Workshops + Live demos - Two hands-on
workshops on techniques and approaches: (Anterior composite- Style Italiano’s recipe and Ceramic laminate veneers) Speakers: Dr. Marco Gresnigt (The Netherlands): Partial indirect anterior ceramic restorations. Dr. Marco lectures at the Center for Dentistry and Oral Hygiene, where he is the current head of direct restorations and teaches masters students in a specialized program on esthetics and prosthetic dentistry. He works together with national and international researchers on studies and has published several articles on minimally invasive and adhesive dentistry in high impact factor dental journals. He obtained several awards like: the NVGPT publication prize, Boering prize and Cavex prize. Marco is the current president of the international Bio-emulation group. Dr. Paulo Monteiro (Portugal): Direct Anterior composite restorations. He is currently the coordinator and Professor in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry Post-graduation program at ISCSEM, Caparica, Portugal, and serves as the head of Clinical Aesthetic Dentistry Advanced Consultation, ISCSEM, Caparica, Portugal. He is involved in research of new dental materials, including composite resins, dental adhesives, dental ceramics and new digital technologies. Dr. Paulo is an honorary member in Style Italiano famous group, and is also the founder of ‘4 esthetics by Paulo Monteiro’. Dr. Lucas Naves (Brazil and The Netherlands): Partial indirect adhesive posterior restorations. He is a docent and researcher at Center for Dentistry and Oral Hygiene, at the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands, where he lectures on esthetics and prosthetic dentistry. Lucas is also a Bio_Emulation member, current vice-president, and work in worldwide collaboration with clinicians, researchers and dental technicians.

The Faculty of Dentistry, The British University of Egypt would like to announce a two days event “Using CAD-CAM to copy natural morphology using digital workflow” including lectures, live demonstration and workshops on the recent modalities of esthetic dentistry.  The conference will be held on the 12-13 October 2018. Speakers: Dr. Florin Cofar Dr.Ahmed Soliman
Dr. Florin Cofar; International speaker on dental esthetic, digital dentistry and smile design, lecturing in more than 30 coountries including prestigious academies such as American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Brazilian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He did his postgraduate studies at NYU College and Harvard Buisnss School.
The British University in Egypt Faculty of Dentistry hosted the Smile Design course and Laminate veneers workshop on Friday 26th of December 2014.
The British University in Egypt will be hosting "The Dental Esthetic Course" on the 30th Jan - 5th Feb 2015.
The British University in Egypt, Faculty of Dentistry will be hosting the First Dental Esthetic Workshop on 30th of Jan 2015.