Semester 2
{slider CSCN04I Network Programming}
This course aims at introducing the development of network applications and software on the Internet. It introduces the student to the different concepts of computer network programming, with focus on transport layer and client/server networking.
Module Weight: 10 credits.
Software engineering combines the science and technology of design, as well as the implementation and maintenance of software. Software engineering program prepares the students to apply a structured approach to the development of a software. It gives the students the chance to experience different career opportunities and get introduced to different paths. This degree option emphasizes code development as an engineering science and facilitates the understanding and skills necessary to participate in systematic analysis and software development. The Advanced modules specific to the Specializations are:
Computer science is based on logical thinking and programming. The specilization empowers the student’s ability in theoretical thinking as well as programming. It enhances the student’s opportunity in the industry, and it prepares the students for a variety of career paths. This specilization has full coverage of computer science modules and skills. Graduates of the Computer Science degree specializations will gain sound understanding of the process of computer systems, their design, architecture and implementation, covering a broad range of Computer Science issues to facilitate the in-depth study of a number of more advanced topics and their practical applications and implementations. The Advanced modules specific to the Specializations are:
This specialization covers key business modules, which enables the students to be fully aware of what is going on in the industry field. It gives the student a hand on how to model a business process and analyze it. This degree option emphasizes issues related to the interaction between humans and computers, the management of information, the development of knowledge and information based applications and software quality. The Advanced modules specific to the Specializations are: