1- Announcement for Induction Day.

The department has announced for the induction day for all DY 1 students ahead of time. (a Flyer was distributed)

Building A - CR 314
1 October 2017

2- A presentation is given by one of the faculty members to discuss the streams of study in the department and the links among the different modules throughout the 4 years of study.

3- One of the senior TAs has delivered a talk about the Department and gave some advices to the students in order to enjoy their study time and maximize their benefit.

4- BUE-IEEE student branch welcomed the new students and introduced to them the spectrum of activities and services at the branch.

5- After the presentations, the senior TAs, along with the staff, joined Y1 students in a Lab tour to explore the different labs in the Department and the last year’s graduation projects as well.

About the event:
On Thursday Feb 22nd 2018, the Department has arranged a field visit to Y3 and Y4 students to Orange base station in El Shrouk in order to be familiar with the field work as a Communications Engineer and to know from Orange’s field engineers the nature of their work .

• Reaching out to a large number of students in different majors to eliminate any kind of
illiteracy about IEEE and its fields of interests.
• Recruiting a large number of students with enough experience, high spirit and enthusiasm to
learn new things.
• Evaluating our current members’ abilities and their performance under stress.

• IEEE student branch was able to reach out to more than 2000 students.
• From which we were able to carry out more than 300 interviews.
• 120 new members who met our standards and were able to show high commitment till this day.

About the event:

An event was organized by the Department to host a training manager from Huawei to introduce the international competition organized by Huawei for all university students from the Middle East “Huawei ICT skill competition”:

One of our students at DY 2 made it through to the finals and obtained the 12th place in the competition and won a Huawei Mobile phone.


· A staff member in the department has been assigned to handle all the activities of the summer internship.
· An admin is hired to make communications with different companies to allocate students in the summer for training under the supervision of the department.
· A presentation was given to DY2 and DY3 students before the start of S1, to explain all the procedures for joining the summer internship.

· Starting this year, the Department offered a summer internship in embedded systems delivered by one of Mentor Graphics’ finest engineers. The course duration was about 3 months, including tests and projects.


· To enable students to experience real-world engineering by spending an extended period working on a structured industrial placement with a suitable company.
· Widen students’ scope and introduce them to real working environments.


· Understanding of practical technologies in addition to management and business practices relevant to professional engineers.
· Ability to handle engineering processes and tools in addition to technical risk and safety issues.
· Hands on experience of engineering tools and machinery and/or development of a project plan.

· Identifying the resources required and timescales involved.

· Effective communication through written, graphical, interpersonal, and presentation skills.