Create Form/Survey

1- Login through the login page

2- To show your surveys click list surveys that shown on the admin home page

3- To create new survey go to the menu bar above.

4- A page will appear these requirements:

· survey title
· description (If available)
· In general options section, change admin email and bounce email to
· In presentation & navigation, please read carefully each option and set it according your needs.
· In Tokens section if you need to make your form/survey Anonymized (that anyone could fill the form without need to record his name or make him enter with password) just turn Anonymized Responses on.
· If you need to make the form/survey non-anonymized (needed authentication to continue the form and make sure that only one person will access with known participant) just turn Anonymized Responses off, to know how to create participants click here
· If you need to make each participant that will apply to the survey register a private link just turn Allow public registration on and turn Anonymized responses off
· Then save and close.

5- Add group to add questions to your form/survey.

6- To add new question please click on add new button.

7- In add question page:

a. Write question code (E.g: Q1) then write the question in the question section as shown in the below image.
b. Set the question type from the dropdown menu in General options
Note: Every question type has its own configuration for example (question type: list (dropdown) must add a list of answers after creating question as shown below

8- Please click on the name of the survey to bring you back to the survey home and copy the survey URL and send it to your participants as shown below.

Activate Form/Survey

a. Then activate Survey/form from the blue button above then apply the option needed for your survey.

b. If you need to create it as non-anonymized survey/form click on switch to closed-access mode button as shown below

Create participant for non-anonymized participant

a. Click on Create then a dropdown menu will appear to you and add participant.
b. Enter the following data (First name, Last name and Email).
c. Then click Save.
d. After adding participants’ data – display all participants.
e. Click on Generate Tokens then click yes.
f. After generating tokens select all and choose send email invitations to send invitations to all participants or select the participant you want.

Export data and statistic of responses

1- To Export the data Responses of Survey/Form follow this steps:-

a. Go to the desired Survey/Form then click on Responses on the top then click on Responses & Statistics
b. Click on Export button then click on Export results to application.
c. Choose the export format you need then in general section go to the completion state dropdown box and choose completed responses only.
d. Choose the desired columns you need from column section.
e. Then click export

2- To Export the Statistic graphs of responses follow this steps:-

a. Go to the desired Survey/Form then click on Responses on the top - Responses & Statistics.
b. Click on Statistics Button
c. Configure the statistic output as you want E.g (Output format, output options and data selections)
d. Click on view statistics button then export images.

Modify Form/ Survey:-

1. survey properties: open the desired survey/form then click on survey properties then choose general setting & Texts from the dropdown menu

2. Question and group edit: open the desired survey/form then choose the needed option.