The British University in Egypt welcomed his Excellency, the Malaysian Ambassador to Egypt on the 9th March, 2015. The Ambassador, accompanied by six of his embassy staff, met with Prof. Ahmed Hamad, President of the British University, together with the Vice-Presidents, Deans, and members of the Academic Staff.
Several proposals were presented during the meeting with the Ambassador, who emphasised the role of youth in different work fields in the current century, and the importance of providing them with support. It was agreed to establish partnerships to create a culture of youth enterprise, and to connect with several Malaysian universities for summer training and student exchange. Another suggestion was to focus more on information and academic sharing in the fields of Asian studies, capitalising on the lessons learned from the Malaysian experience in economic development. Furthermore, it was recognised that there was a need to enhance and enrich the educational experience of the students to promote autonomous, rigorous thinking and prepare professional graduates that can compete in the different job fields. Accordingly, it was agreed that attention should be paid to the academic material delivered to students, by adding new scientific materials, and to cooperating in new fields, for example in herbal medicine and homeopathy in the Faculty of Pharmacy.
The Ambassador pointed to the recent industrial development and industrial urbanisation of Malaysia and explained the role of educational reform in the process, from primary school to university, and tailored to offer each student an equal opportunity for a diverse education. He also pointed to the nexus between industry, research and development in all educational phases, which has led Malaysia to become a hub for postgraduate education.
The Ambassador had an open dialogue with the academic staff from Political Science, where he answered questions about Malaysian educational strategy and entrepreneurship. He also stated that Egypt has all the necessary components for future success. He praised the knowledge and constancy of the attendees, and expressed his fascination with the high quality learning the University offers, affirming his willingness for future wide cooperation with the University, promising to follow up on some of the ideas raised in the meetings.
Our Center is geared towards expanding BUE's international connectivity with many circles around the globe. Highlighting BUE's role as a cultural beacon, interaction with governmental and non- governmental circles, civil society, community services, inviting International leaders to speak from our podium, are all relevant activities we perform in synergy and cooperation with all faculties. Expanding our activities to include the new library by offering our recorded activities to become a part of BUE's digital library allowing our student to interact with guests and pose questions. The recorded outcome of such activities prepared by the students can become a strong educational tool and a primary source of knowledge.
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