Degree Year 1
The Degree Year 1 Programme provides a foundation for students entering the degree programme. The focus is on the basic biomedical sciences of Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, Microbiology, and Biochemistry. In addition, students are introduced to the Para-Clinical Dental Sciences of Dental Carving and Dentition. The Programme aims to develop students' English Language and Study Skills to enable them to make a successful transition from school to university study.
The E-Learning facility is an online system that allows students and staff to communicate effectively. Students can access it from their homes as well as on campus. It allows students continuously to follow up on their studies. It also allows them to submit assignments online and receive their grades for tasks and assignments as well. It provides all the necessary documents for each module, including module outlines, required reading materials, recommended additional reading lists and even tips on how to study successfully. Above all, it supports independent learning.
- Vice President - Post Graduate Studies, Research &Community Services (Chair)
- Vice President – Teaching and Learning
- Academic Director.
- Directors of 2 BUE Centers to be annually rotated.
- Research Coordinator from each Faculty.
- Two members with research experience recommended by the Committee and approved by the Chair and to be annually changed.
- Representative of the Technical Advisory and Planning Office.
- Secretariat: VP’s Office.
The University is located on a large purpose-built campus on the outskirts of Cairo. It has well equipped facilities to support the delivery of its academic programs.