Founded in 1818, Institution of Civil Engineers is the oldest professional engineering organization in the world with over 86,000 members in over 150 countries. ICE aims to develop the art of civil engineering through the development of the engineer. With that vision in mind, ICE in the British University in Egypt is an academic society that aims to connect the academic side of the field with the practical side, create an environment where students can share their experiences, and offer activities related to the construction industry.
EAPSS vision: is to make and empower a new generation of leaders who have real knowledge about politics and society.
Smoove allows students to unleash their leader within and acquire the necessary skills to cope in the workplace by putting them in real life situations such as ushering and organizing events making them deal with corporates, parents and most prestigious personnels of the community.
Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations where students learn about diplomacy and international relations. Students whom are recruited as delegates undergo the forging done by the secretariats through 6 sessions in which they gain debating skills and further knowledge about the MUN process and procedures to successfully participate in the conference. Having said that, the conference is the final step of the MUN experience where students are assigned countries and start to apply what they have learned from the 6 sessions they attended, debating and discussing between each other the issue that is presented by their own point of view as well as the country they are assigned to represent. The resolution is the main aim of the conference to reach a basis in which all students (countries) have agreed upon to be acting as a solution to how the issue that was presented will be solved and how it would suit all countries and its effectiveness.
What's Hult Prize?
The Hult Prize is a student competition, open to undergraduates, graduate and PhD students from around the world. Teams compete to create start-ups that will help tackle a single social challenge. One winning team receives $1 million dollars in seed capital to launch and scale their company.