Structures, Built and Natural Environment:
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In the 3rd Research Forum two Town Hall Meetings were held on April 3 & 10, 2016, which included discussion and a presentation by Prof. Yehia Bahei-El-Din, Vice President for Research and Postgraduate Studies on research benefits, both current and in preparation. The following is a summary of the suggestions made during the meetings:
1. Fully finance TAs for the cost of postgraduate studies offered by BUE.
2. Offer several fellowships for BUE postgraduate students to help attract top students to the programs.
3. Offer graduation projects fund for undergraduates.
4. Allow TAs to spend more time on research towards their degree.
5. Support and encourage multidisciplinary research clusters/groups.
6. Develop flexible attendance policy.
7. Implement a flexible research day policy.
8. Award sabbatical leave to academic staff.
9. Offer workshops on upcoming calls for proposals.
10. Offer proposal writing training and support.

-1st BUE Research Forum – Opening Presentation.
-2st BUE Research Forum - State of the Research Mission
-3rd BUE Research Forum - Town Hall Meetings
The Research Administration Office (RAO) materialises the university research strategies by proposing research policies, preparing procedures for implementing research policies, managing research awards in addition to coordinating and organising various research events and publications. Moreover, RAO serves as an effective representative for the research enterprise at BUE.