All Faculty, Staff and Students have an e-mail address "" via Office365 Cloud. With this account, you have:
In order to connect to the internet on campus with your personal device such as personal laptop, tablet or any smart phone, all you have to do is to connect to the wireless network "BUE", once you're connected open your browser and you will have authentication screen looks like the below picture you will have to enter your BUE email account and password.
1-      Go to Microsoft Imagine URL on your internet browser (Imagine.Microsoft)
2-      Choose Downloads then My School's WebStore.

3-      Type in the search section (The British University in Egypt) and then click on the result to go to the webstore.

4-      Select visit the webstore

5-      You will redirect to The British University in Egypt webstore click sign in, and choose Single Sign-On. Use your BUE username and password.

6-      After your successfully login you can choose Product Search or Start Shopping

7-      You can choose from the Microsoft Products for example (Project 2016).

8-      Add to Cart.

9-      Click Check Out.

10-      You can find the Product Key and the Download button now.
Any problem related to technical issues, please contact us at: Any problem related to your E-mail account, please contact us at: