Counseling Psychology Clinic at BUE

We are pleased to announce that a Counseling Psychology Clinic is now functioning in the BUE, its temporary location is in Building D room 212, to set for an appointment with the doctor, you can send an e-mail to: 


Arab Day at BUE

Cairo, 18 April, 2013- BUEians celebrated the "Arab Day" in a truly genuine oriental flavor starting from the tents and low tea-tables, to the tanoura and dabka shows, and ending the day with a musical classic by folkloric singer Shaikh Hijazy Met'al.

The Event was organized by the Multicultural Club along with the BUE's Institution of Civil Engineers – ICE. Nine countries were represented this day, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, and Sudan; each expressing their own unique traditions and way of living all together at the same time, same place.

Posted: 5/15/2013 1:32:37 PM

BUE's got talent

Cairo, 20 April, 2013-The BUE Auditorium witnessed numerous and diverse talents during this year's Talent Show that was organized by Social Wave Activities.

The show introduced different kinds of arts like dancing, singing, poetry, and musical performances, over 50 students performed for almost 3 hours before announcing the winners.

At the end of the show Mahmoud El Esseily performed as a final closing to the show which was certainly an event to remember.

Posted: 5/19/2013 10:29:19 AM

Minister of Youth at the BUE in his first visit to private Universities

Cairo, 22 April, 2013-Minister of Youth Dr. Osama Yassin visits BUE to discuss the "Private Universities Students' Rights & Duties" in a seminar organized by the Society of Chemical Engineers – SCHEME.

 The Auditorium hosted SU representatives from several private universities to propose their problems all together in one place as a way of unifying the demands of all students under one big umbrella.

 The seminar did not only discuss student rights, their duties were also mentioned. The attendees all agreed that in order to ask for one's right, one should fulfill all the duties first. The minister also added that the way of expression makes a difference; the demands must be righteous, and more important the way of objection must be inoffensive.

 Posted: 5/19/2013 10:35:02 AM


Hamza Namira Concert in the BUE Auditorium

Cairo, 2 May, 2013- SMOOV BUE organized a concert hosting the talented Hamza Namira who attended accompanied by his own band to give the BUEians a special performance celebrating the last days of the Academic Year 2013.

 The concert occupied the Auditorium for two hours where the students enjoyed the great music and vocal just days before their finals as a break away from the studying hassle.

 Posted: 5/19/2013 10:42:57 AM


BUE hosts the meeting between Presidents of Egypt's SU and Private Universities' SU

Cairo, May 14, 2013- The BUE hosted a meeting between Mohamed Badran President of Egypt's Student Union and Omar El Alfy President of Private Universities' Student Unions, aiming to the unity of both Private and Public Universities SUs, to fuse their demands reinforcing their impact.

 The meeting agenda discussed the "fair and effective" representation of Private Universities SUs in Egypt's Student Union. They also demanded to participate in setting the Universities' Regulations which will act as a guideline to both students, and Universities regarding their rights and duties.

 Amongst the attendees there were SU representatives from the BUE, who are the organizers of the event, along with M.I.U, G.U.C, The Russian University, and 10th of Ramadan University.

 Posted: 5/19/2013 3:45:42 PM


Book Review Writing Competition

Cairo- June 13, 2013- The English Department Library Committee rewarded the winner of the Book Review Competition Sherif Hedayet El Sabahy, Year 2 Electrical Engineering, for his review for Charles Dickens' book "A Tale of Two Cities".

It is worth mentioning that for the second year in raw, an engineering student wins the award, as BUE helps students show their talents in various fields.

 Sherif was grateful to the English Department for assisting him through understanding the concept of writing a book review, as this was his first. "I would like to thank Dr. Azza Taha who provided me with the guidelines to follow" Sherif said.

 He also dedicated the reward to Professor Steve McBride, Advanced English Tutor, as well as Professor Sherine Mazloum his Advanced Writing Tutor.

Dr. Shadia Fahim Head of English Department stated that it is an annual event that aims to encourage BUE students to engage in activities that help them exercise their English writing skills


BUE Engineering Students Outstanding Performance at Lincoln Workshop:

Cairo- July 22, 2013-As part of the BUE's Summer Internship Program, 14 Students from Architecture Department under the supervision of Dr. Samar Shewika, participated in the workshop that was held from June 23 to July 6 at Lincoln University in the United Kingdom. This year, a total of 60 students joined the workshop from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

The workshop focused on creating sustainable communities which are eco-friendly and energy efficient, through a series of lectures given by experts and field trips to sustainable cities in the UK.

The Workshop Organizing Committee acknowledged the outstanding performance of the BUE team who successfully designed a unique model for the redevelopment of the City of Lincoln. It is worth mentioning that this is the third year in a row for the BUE students to take part in the annual workshop organized by Lincoln University, raising the ranking of BUE to the first in terms of students' participation.

Dr. Shewika emphasized the importance of practical training for Engineering students as being part of the curriculum to enhance their technical skills and develop their competencies preparing students for the real world.