Pre-Examination processes

Exam Officer of each Faculty should receive the exam papers from the Module Leaders by the agreed deadline.
Stage 1
Faculty Staff
Faculty Staff report all allegations of misconduct to the Dean via the Faculty Admin Office. Faculty Staff advise on the nature of offence. Exam related incidences should be reported on Incident Report Form.
Standard Operating Procedure Annual
Standard Operating Procedure: Transfer of unseen exams & coursework briefs by Moodle
All Actions must be completed by dates stated on the BUE Academic Calendar
Stage 1 Student Student to print out an IP form from Q&V section on the website Student to fill all required sections in the IP form and attach the necessary evidence (If there is a medical report attached as an evidence, it must be stamped and approved from the BUE clinic). Student must obtain the clinic’s approval within maximum two weeks of return to study. Student then should obtain the module leaders signatures on the IP form. Stage 2 Module Leaders Module Leader to specify clearly the original dates of the assessments in claim and sign beside each assessment. In case of claims submitted for late submission, Module Leader should accept the submission, sign the form and specify the actual date of the submission then the submitted work should be marked and the mark should be forwarded to the secretary of the IP panel. Stage 3 Student Student should submit the IP form by the published deadline to the relevant faculty Admin staff to sign it and specify the received date. Stage 4 Faculty Administrator Relevant faculty Admin staff to collect all IP claims and record them on a spreadsheet categorizing them by the degree track (LU, LSBU or EG track). Relevant faculty Admin staff to attach any possible supporting document/evidence to the original IP forms for the panel meeting. Relevant faculty Admin staff to prepare the required copies for the committee members. Faculty Admin will act as the secretary of the IP panel. Stage 5 Faculty Dean Dean of faculty to hold a meeting and chair it to decide upon the cases. Stage 6 Faculty Administrator Faculty Admin to record the decisions on the spreadsheet. Faculty Admin to email the students with the decisions, keeping record of students who passed the modules they claimed about, email theses students to check whether or not they would like to be reassessed in the affected assessments to improve their marks, a confirmation should be received from students and then Q&V should be informed. Faculty Admin to send the original forms, minutes of the panel meeting and the spreadsheet with the decisions to Q&V. Stage 7 Q&V Q&V to implement the decisions on the SRS. Q&V to file the original forms and the spreadsheet.