The Philosophy of Farouk El Baz Forum for Young Generations:

FEFYG Philosophy 1


The Centre of Sustainability and Future Studies (CSFS), a research and development (R&D) center, has emerged as an important part of the BUE’s efforts to address future sustainability in terms of environmental, economic, and social challenges through the engagement of students, academic staff and researchers. The CSFS is envisioned to propose a number of creative comprehensive solutions that tackle the future from a sustainability point of view and to act as a think tank for Egypt and its expansion out of the Nile Valley to its 95% of desert opportunities. This is to be achieved through training and education, research projects, seminars, workshops, conferences, consultancy and publications. The Centre will also act as a data bank focusing on innovative thinking and sustainable strategies.

The center has conducted various activities in support of sustainable development such as the future intermediate sustainable cities conference (FISC). That conference was connected to a competition for the sustainable future medium cities, and the ideas and scenarios of the three axes from the proposed Development Corridor of the renowned scientist Farouk El-Baz. There was also a Taking Leave competition. Searching for the builders of future Egypt, before thinking about building of the future Egypt. Then it was the activity of starting cooperating with important institutions, the Engineer’s Syndicate in Hope and Work Olympics, building capacity of the Suez Canal Region’s workforce and societies. In addition, from 3-5 of May 2016, organizing the conference on Sustainable Mega Projects: Chance-Change-Challenge (SMP).

Farouk El Baz Forum:
Prof. Farouk El-Baz was the keynote speaker at the FISC Conference in 2010 and has conducted a continuous dialogue with the Centre at all its stages. Thus, the CSFS visited the Center for Remote Sensing of Boston University (BU), directed by Prof. El-Baz in August 2016. Discussions were held regarding the potential for development of Egypt’s deserts in the future to strengthen its economy and to open new vistas along the Development Corridor, including:
  •  His Excellency's approval to be the Honorary President of consultants of the Center for Sustainability and Future Studies at the British University.
  • Establishing “Farouk El-Baz Forum for Younger Generations” (FEFYG), on 10 December 2016 which will be a scientific research bridge and link between the research, ideas and articles of Prof. El-Baz (published and in preparation) and future generations.
  • The Forum includes a library and a museum that includes all studies related to remote sensing, GIS (maps and studies), groundwater studies and future studies (data bank), as well as all those studies related with space in which the Farouk El-Baz participated with NASA.
  • The FEFYG scientific research will be linked to the BU Center for Remote Sensing, which was established in 1986 as a scientific research facility in the fields of archaeology, geography and geology.
  • The FEFYG will conduct pioneer studies, competitions, symposia, conferences, proposals, graduation projects, post-graduate and specific research related to the challenges for the future of Egypt and other developing countries, and will be a focal point for other researchers and scientists in Egypt and abroad.
  • The forum should be a meeting point with the parallel studies available in Egypt, as well as the efforts and studies of Egyptian scientists abroad, and should be put these studies in the "Bank of Innovation, Ideas and creation" as well as the outputs of all studies and scenarios resulting from competitions, seminars and conferences to maximize the effectiveness of through application projects and entrepreneurship for young people.

Farouk El Baz
Prof. Farouk El-Baz (Director - Centre for Remote Sensing – Boston University, USA)

FEFYG Philosophy 2
Developmental corridor competition and graduation projects

FEFYG Philosophy 3
The August 2016 visit to the Boston University Center for remote sesning