Kids workshop 2017

Futuristic Recycled Interior Design”

Within the context of the ISCDC project by


And in collaboration with CSFC”

Workshop title:

“Integrating the culture of Sustainability into the young generations, introducing the corridor of Development

ISCDC kids workshop 1


This workshop is a collaboration work between Assoc. Prof. Dr. Laila Khodeir as the PI of the ISCDC Project, and Prof. Ahmed Rashed the head of the Center for Sustainability CSEC. The aim of the proposed training Workshop is to introduce the sustainability values to the children. The kids are supposed to design interior furniture units that is designed, created by childrens themselves, and that will reflect both sustainability in general and the concept of Development Corridor for Sustainable Growth in Egypt in particular. Such project will integrate the sustainable values, namely recycling and reuse and could be developed to provide Modular furniture units that fit into three of the allocated sites on the development corridor on further steps.

Timing of the workshop: Wednesday 21/6/2017 & Thursday 22/6/2017

Venue: Library Building, Interactive Room, BUE

Target area:

The Sherouk City and surrounding communities.

Expected outcome: 3D Models expressing different innovative Concepts of Futuristic Furniture units in three allocations on the corridor of development.

Area of Interest: Architecture Sustainability& community

Level of Participants: kids from 6-14. Potential young architects.

Coordinator: Dr. Laila Khodeir

Co- members: TAs from architecture dept. BUE.


The workshop will include two main parts:

PART 1: Experiencing essentials of sustainability and corridor of development. (Introduction to

Egyptian well known Scientist Farouk albaz and Great Architect Hassan Fathy).


Part 2: producing the 3d model for the furniture unit.


In his proposal of the concept of corridor of development for sustainable growth in Egypt, Dr. Farouk albaz mentioned that Younger generations of most Islamic-majority countries are disillusioned by the status quo. They see the world around them develop and prosper, yet their own countries lag behind in all critical development indicators. The revolt of Middle Eastern youth in what is known as the Arab Spring paints a clear picture. These young people belong to a technically astute information generation; they wish to end unemployment and underemployment; they seek an opportunity to excel and innovate; and they are willing to compete with their equals worldwide. (Albaz, Farouk, 2017)

As an initiative from the BUE side, since 2008 and with the believing of sustainable development there was the idea to establish the Center of Sustainability and Future studies at the British University in Egypt. But it was started as a unit through the Architecture department and after the Future Intermediate Sustainable Cities Conference (November 2010) the unit became a Centre by March 2011.

FISC was a futuristic vision for the sustainable development, which could be currently, included in the necessary studies and researches that Egypt needs in the self-building stage however; it was not made use of as it should have been. (Rashed, Ahmed, 2017).

In the meanwhile, the ISCDC Project that started in 2015 with The aim of   introducing the sustainability values to the children in day care centers by creating a sustainable CDC (Child Daycare Centre) .That is designed, created and monitored by the BUE architecture students for serving the Sherouk and surrounding communities as a pioneer model for (SCDC)   facility presented as prototype model by the BUE for sustainable community. Such project will integrate the sustainable life style from Undergraduate architecture education where the surrounded environment is thought and hence created to start with the CDC facility that host Kinder garden children. And could be developed to provide Modular prototypes form community projects on further steps.

thus this workshop came as a collaboration work between Assoc. Prof. Dr. Laila Khodeir as the PI of the ISCDC Project, Prof. Ahmed Rashed the head of the Center for Sustainability CSEC and the concept of corridor of development raised by Prof. Farouk albaz.


Day 1: Wednesday 21 June 2017:     

ISCDC kids workshop 2

Day 2: Thursday 23 June 2017:

 ISCDC kids workshop 3

ISCDC kids workshop 4