1-Why is the Faculty of Communication and Mass Media Being Created in BUE?

The revolution in communication and information technologies has expanded the media market. It is evident that there is an increasing demand for qualified media practitioners who have capacities for producing and managing multimedia projects. The Egyptian market with more than a 90 million audience is considered one of the biggest media market in the Middle East and Africa. Egypt is also the focal point for different regional and international media projects. Indicators show that the media market in the Arab region is growing steadily. One indicator is the increasing number of satellite channels from 100 channels in 2004 to 1320 channels in 2013. In addition, Internet penetration and social media users in Egypt have been steadily growing recent years. It is estimated that Egypt has more than 45 million internet users in May 2014. A consequence of this is that, the market of advertising, e-marketing and public relations is expanding, requiring a full range of study, linking media with knowledge generation and dissemination, development of national capacities, and enhancing media relations and combined local initiatives.

2-What is New for this Faculty?

The BUE Faculty offers students comprehensive programmes of study that incorporate social, political and media modules from a variety of sub-disciplines such as media and society, media and politics, film and media analysis, multimedia, and development communication. Furthermore, it provides students with opportunities for training while studying through print publications, electronic portals, integrated newsroom, virtual and real studios and multimedia production studio. In addition, this is the first faculty in Egypt that provides film and media studies in one programme. The Faculty, moreover, provides the opportunity for students to go through one of two student-assessment tracks, Egyptian and British. The Faculty is also concerned that graduates should be fluent in both Arabic and English since they may have opportunities to work in national, regional and international media. In sum, the Faculty of Communication and Mass Media in BUE is unique given its aim at qualifying students with new communication technologies skills, English and Arabic reporting skills, theoretical and practical knowledge and local and international media study perspectives.

3-When to apply?

(i) The early admissions period begins in January of each academic year.
(ii) Applicants are encouraged to apply early in order to secure a place in their chosen programme of study.
(iii) Once programmes are full the applicants will be placed on a waiting list.

4-How to Apply for a programme in the Faculty of Communications and Mass Media?

(i)Read the admissions section in our general booklet. This can also be downloaded at www.bue.edu.eg .
(ii)Submit an application online at www.bue.edu.eg.
(iii) Call the BUE Hotline and speak to a member of staff in the Student Affairs Department if you require further information – 19(BUE) 19283.