Nagwa Soliman book 

  Mirrors of Our Double Selves

This book evaluates the double self from different perspectives the immigrant/homeland self, the old/new woman self, the pre and post-colonial self and the offline/online virtual self. It starts in the first chapter by examining the double immigrant/homeland self as seen in Alaa Al Aswany’s novel Chicago. Then, in the second chapter the double old/new woman self is analysed as perceived in Kate Chopin’s novel The Awakening. Next, in the third chapter the double pre and post-colonial self is tackled as displayed in Coetzee’s novel Disgrace. Then, in chapter four the double virtual and off-line self is investigated via illustrating the pros and cons of virtual worlds such as Second Life and total virtual immersion. Finally, the double self is analysed in retrospect. This critical deep analysis mirrors our double selves’ strive to reach our true identities in a universe that is mostly blurred and vague.

Nagwa Soliman 

  Nagwa A. Soliman

Bio: Nagwa A. Soliman is Senior Lecturer at The Faculty of Arts and Humanities in the British University in Egypt since 2009, and her PhD field of specialization is in Literature (novel). She taught in many reputable universities, namely the American University in Cairo (2005-2009), Misr International University (1999 -2007), Arab Academy for Science and Technology (1997-2008), Arab Open University (1998 – 2009), North Eastern University (1996 – 1997) and Mansoura University (1988 – 2009). Her fields of Interest include literature analysis, critical thinking, blended learning, extensive reading, communicative teaching, and learners’ autonomy.