Nagwa Soliman book 

  Unity Amidst Division

With all what is happening in the Arab World, a question always resonates with the hammering query of what caused al the mayhem to erupt. This book explores the trope of unity amidst division. The book includes three parts and it starts with examples of some unity catalysts. The first part explores the issue of unity and division via perceiving this trope in different countries namely: U.S.A, Belfast, Rowanda, East Timore and Malaysia. In the second part, samples of fiction that display this social issue of division and unity is analyzed. In the third last part, two short stories are added to provide further illustration of unity using fiction as a means of expression. The analysis and short stories should help shed some light on this grave issue and should be especially useful to professionals in the fields of humanities and political science.

Nagwa Soliman 

  Nagwa A. Soliman

Bio: Nagwa A. Soliman is Senior Lecturer at The Faculty of Arts and Humanities in the British University in Egypt since 2009, and her PhD field of specialization is in Literature (novel). She taught in many reputable universities, namely the American University in Cairo (2005-2009), Misr International University (1999 -2007), Arab Academy for Science and Technology (1997-2008), Arab Open University (1998 – 2009), North Eastern University (1996 – 1997) and Mansoura University (1988 – 2009). Her fields of Interest include literature analysis, critical thinking, blended learning, extensive reading, communicative teaching, and learners’ autonomy.