Sherine Mazloum book 

  Women, Culture and the January 2011 Egyptian Revolution

Women, Culture and the January 2011 Egyptian Revolution published by Routledge (2017) is one of a series of articles that look at the role of women in the 2011 Egyptian Revolution from a critical perspective. Chapter 7 focuses on the relationship between gender and nation as depicted in three texts by three contemporary Egyptian women writers who represent three generations.  The chapter explores how these writers opt to represent their experience of the first eighteen days of 2011 in ways that problematize the issues of essentialism and anti-essentialism in feminist and nationalist discourse. 

Sherine Mazloum 

  Prof. Sherine Fouad Mazloum

Bio: Prof. Sherine Fouad Mazloum is Professor of English Literature. She has published extensively in both national and international peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Her area of specialization is novel and criticism. Her MA and PhD focused on British fiction especially the Victorian Age. However, her post-doctoral research interests focus on gender and postcolonial studies with special emphasis on contemporary fiction.