Global hybrid electric car challenge BUE students’ achievement

The Global Hybrid Electric Challenge in Egypt (GHEC-E) is a hands-on educational program for institutions of higher learning in Egypt with engineering, science, technology and business management programs. Student teams apply engineering design principles and strategy to construct and race full-size electric and hybrid-electric cars.The competition is held in two phases. The first phase is the Electric Grand Prix (E-GP) competition whereby teams drive their electrically powered vehicles as far as possible for one hour on the closed loop course using only energy stored in their batteries. The winner of the E-GP is the team with the longest distance travelled during this period. The second phase is the Hybrid-Electric Grand Prix (HE-GP) competition in which teams use petrol to increase their range and run as far as possible in a period of three hours on the closed loop course. The winner of the HE-GP is the team with the longest distance traveled in the three hour. The results of the two competitions are combined to decide on the overall challenge winner.

The BUE's team has been awarded the following prizes:
-The THIRD place in the hybrid race.
-The best presentation for Technical Innovation.
-The second best photo.
-The third best video.

comp 2
comp 1

comp 3