Graduation Projects Day for the Engineering Faculty

Creative projects that serve the Egyptian society in all fields with a durable solutions.

The British University in Egypt Celebrated the Annual Graduation Projects Day for the Engineering Faculty, Wednesday the seventh of September, 2016, on the Campus. Where selected research projects in the fields of Architecture, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering were presented under the Supervision of Professor Maguid Faculty of Engineering Dean.
Within Egypt’s vision 2030 and the challenges of developing the Suez Canal region and the ideas and scenarios of different engineering disciplines that has been presented during the GDP 2016. The event created a dialogue between ideas and real needs of the market industry tried to treat industrial and life problems in innovative ways, and low cost, demonstrating the scientific development of the British University in Egypt.

Among these projects:
-The Railway Automatic Network designed to solve accidents problems by applying artificial intelligence through the driving mechanism.
-The designing of a Wind Mill Fan to generate energy for sustainable generation of electricity.
-Urban Ecology as a Sustainable tool for the desertification of Egypt.
-Fuzzy Control of three degree of freedom system using multiple MR Dampers to save buildings from earth quakes.
-Optimizing of Solar / Wind Hybrid Systems in different locations in Egypt.

Many International Companies attended the event and complimented the innovations of our new cohort of Engineering graduates.

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