Research Connect Workshop

As part of the Staff Development Plan, set by Dr. Sherif Abdelsalam at the Civil Engineering Department, the workshop was held at the British University in Egypt under the title of Research Connect Workshop funded by the British Council’s “Newton Musharafa Fund”. Dr. Sherif applied for the fund through STDF and Newton Musharafa Fund, and was approved by Professor Yehia Bahei-El-Din. The workshop instructor and speaker was the profound Prof. Vaneeta D’andrea (author of “Improving teaching and learning: a whole institution approach”) and it took place in the university’s library from 17th to 19th July . The workshop’s covered topics related to the Foundation Module, Presenting with Impact and Effective Proposals. The daily organization of the workshop was performed by Eng. Ahmed Torky and the attendance exceeded 20 assistant lecturers and teaching assistants daily from all BUE’s Engineering disciplines. Future workshops will be planned for further successful development of the staff member’s skills.