Welcome to the Department of Economics

Dear Students, 

Welcome to the Department of Economics at the BUE.

These are very exciting times to study the science of Economics! Studying economics will help you understand and explain the reasons for and the consequences of many events; the global financial crisis, the Egyptian revolution, the flotation of the Egyptian pound, the Brexit, the United States’ recent protectionist moves, global warming and many other events that directly affect your and your family’s life.

The Department of Economics at this University provides high quality education that is accredited by the Quality Assurance Agency in the UK and the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt.   Upon graduation, you will receive two certificates; a BSc. Honours British certificate from London South Bank University (LSBU) and an Egyptian certificate from BUE. 

Our BSc. Programme offers comprehensive and diversified modules that address your different interests and that will equip you with solid theoretical understanding and strong analytical skills.  Both will allow you to shine when your research skills are put to the test.  You will be given the opportunity to study abroad in London at LSBU in semester two of degree year two and you may also join the summer school in Hamburg University in the summer of degree you two.  

Our programme is academically challenging and will make you very competitive in the market for economists both in Egypt and overseas.  You are given the freedom to express your opinions in many constructive ways and positively contribute to the further development of the programme. 

A number of our Economics graduates have proceeded to gain their Masters degrees inside Egypt and from prestigious universities abroad, and a significant number have gained professional jobs in the banking sector, Government Ministries and service sector companies.  With a BUE degree in Economics a great future is awaiting you.  

The programme is delivered by our highly committed research active staff who are determined to enhance your student experience.  They are dedicated and will always provide you with the support and advice you need. We wish you all the best in your new endeavour!

Rania Miniesy, Ph.D.
Acting Head of the Department of Economics