I-Score Awareness Session (April 7th, 2019)

An awareness session for BUE Students and staff was given by Mr Ahmad El-Okdah , the “ Chief Business Development Officer” about the Egyptian Credit Bureau I-Score, which is the only credit bureau in Egypt, and its credit report as well as the role of I-Score in the financial market.

Research Seminar by Professor. Jerg Gutmann (March 24th, 2019)

Professor Jerg Gutmann, Junior Professor of Law and Economics at the University of Hamburg, delivered a seminar on a research paper titled “Sanctioned to Death? The Impact of Economic Sanctions on Life Expectancy and its Gender Gap”. The paper is a part of a research collaboration project that tackled the impact of international laws’ sanctions on countries.
The seminar was delivered to the BAEPS staff and students. Professor Gutmann discussed the research with the attendees and gave them the chance for asking questions related to the research’s foundation and methodology.

Lecture by Prof. Khalid Ikram (March 21st, 2019)

Professor Khalid Ikram, Former Director of the World Bank and economic consultant with more than 25 years of experience in the Economics of Egypt gave a lecture to degree-year three students of the Economics Department. The lecture covered the challenges that Egypt now faces and how does it hinder Egypt’s growth and development potentials. Moreover, he shared with our students other countries’ success stories and how they were able to overcome these challenges given that they had the same initial conditions like Egypt.
The floor was open for questions and discussions during which our students were given the opportunity to share their ideas and ask questions.

Field Trip to the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation (March 17th, 2019)

Students of the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Sciences were invited to a field trip to the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation. They had a session on “Fekretak Shertak”, the nationwide initiative supporting youth entrepreneurs. They were introduced to different tools, resources and contacts necessary to start- up, develop and grow their business ideas.
Sustainable Development Seminar: Trends and Challenges (February 17th ,2019)

The Centre for Economic and Financial Research Studies (CEFRS), Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences (FEPS) at Cairo University in Collaboration with the Research Centre for Innovation, Governance and Green Economy (CIGGE), Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science of the British University in Egypt, have organized a joint seminar on Sustainable Development. During the seminar, High-level policy speeches were delivered on the role of cultures and beliefs in sustainable development and on Egypt’s achievements in the Egyptian Sustainable Development Strategy: Egypt 2030. In addition to policy-related speeches, two academic papers were presented and discussed. They tackled two important areas; Sustainability Reporting to ensure performance efficiency and Environmental Total Factor Productivity challenges faced by companies and industries. The event concluded to a set of policy recommendations towards enhancing Egypt’s performance about Sustainable Development.

IMF and Economic Reform in Egypt (14th of February 2019)

Mr. Reza Bakir, the IMF regional director, delivered a public lecture to the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics, and Political Science (BAEPS) staff and students. In this lecture, Mr. Bakir highlighted the roles that the IMF carries in developing countries. Moreover, he explained the economic situation in Egypt prior the 2016 reforms and how Egypt’s main economic indicators have been performing given that the reform period has come to, almost, an end.
Mr. Bakir opened the floor for questions from staff and students. He received several questions regarding on what basis do they decide to lend countries and how do to they cater the program according to the targeted country’s situation. He, also, highlighted that the IMF helped Egypt to get on the right track for economic restructuring, however, the sustainability of these reforms and improvements is up to the Egyptian government and policymakers’ future decisions.

Distinguished Lecture (2nd of December 2018)

The Economics Department hosted a lecture presented by H.E Ambassador/ Gamal Bayoumi on Egypt’s International and Regional Opportunities. Ambassador Bayoumi is a key figure in trade relations and negotiations. He served as the Secretary General of the Arab Investors Union, Former Secretary General of EG-EU AA, Former Assistant to Minister of Foreign Affairs, Egypt’s Chief Negotiator with EU and a former Member of the higher court of ethics. The students of the Faculty of Business Adminstration, Economics, and Political Science were invited to the lecture along with the distinguished presence of the Dean of the Faculty Prof. Wadouda Badran and the Vice Dean, Head of the three Department, Programe Directors, and Academic Staff

The 18th Annual Inter College Environmental Public Speaking Competition (27th and 28th of November 2018)

The 18th Annual Inter College Environmental Public Speaking Competition was held under the patronage of H.E Dr. Ahmed Behloul Al Falasi, Emirati Minister of State for Higher Education, and took place on the 27th and the 28th of November 2018 at the Dubai Knowledge Park. The aim of the competition is to ensure future sustainability of environmental resources by bringing a positive change on the attitudes of the youth and establishing an environmental conscious generation. The competition included over 200 students from different nationalities and from more than 20 universities in the MENA region. Many Arab countries were represented including but not limited to: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman and Egypt, competing under 4 main themes, these are:
  1. Sustainable Built Environment: Are we achieving it?
  2. The impact of fashion and makeup industry on the environment.
  3. The Future of Agriculture in the Middle East.
  4. The impact of War on the Environment.
The Economics team was the only team participating from the BUE and from Egypt. The team gave a 10 minutes presentation about the 3rd topic (the Future of Agriculture in the Middle East), and won the 3rd place among 17 groups presenting the same topic. The team included the following year 3 Economics students: Francois Terzian, Doha Mohamed, Kanzy Seireg, and Kareem Wagdy. The mentor of the students was Assistant Lecturer Ms. Sarah Elbakry.

A Visit from University of Konstanz (1st of November 2018)

The Economics Department received a visit from delegates of the University of Konstanz, namely Professor Urpsprung, the Director of the MSc. in Political Economy; Dr. Rink, an Associate Professor teaching in the programme and Ms. Alexandra Morris, the coordinator of the MSc. programme. The objective of the visit was to discuss collaboration possibilities between both universities with respect to the Department of Economics newly designed MSc. in Political Economy. This collaboration should involve student exchanges, staff exchanges, and joint research supervision. An MOU is expected to be signed soon to culminate this agreement.

The Role of the European Union in the promotion of Development Policies in Egypt (October 24. 2018)

The Year 2 cohort had the pleasure to welcome Mr. Jean Barbe, Head of Governance section at the European Union Delegation to Egypt who gave a special interactive lecture on the European development and cooperation policies conducted in Egypt. He discussed thoroughly the objectives and areas of intervention of these policies pointed out key challenges specific to Egypt –especially the vertical policy-making approach–, and gave examples of current successful projects. He also focused his attention on the crucial roles of education, empowerment, dialogue and responsibility, mentioning that charity is not development.

German Arab exchange program for Behavioural Economics from (8-9-2018 / 28-9-2018)
The BUE every year sends a group of its students and teaching assistances from the economics department to University of Hamburg in Germany to join it is 4 weeks behavioural economics summer school scholarship that introduce courses about fundamentals of behavioural economics theory, field experiments and STATA. It is an Arab German exchange program, where there are students from other Arab countries like Lebanon, Tunisia and Syria.

This year, 3 of our economics department teaching assistances Ms Sara El-Bakry, Ms Yasmine Abd El-Fatah and Ms Safiya Galal together with the top of the economic class for year 2 student Salma Rizk were sent to Hamburg’s University summer school. This Summer School is a stepping stone towards developing the academic career and personal skills of its students together with its TAs. Starting with the academic career, this summer school helped our students to build up upon all the traditional ideologies of the economy and reshape them to fit such modern era, where human behaviour is a very promising field to study. This summer school opened hordes of doors to them with regard the knowhow of experimental fields and made me gain more academic knowledge about the origins of behavioural economics. Additionally, it paves the way in the future plan to apply for post-graduate studies at University of Hamburg in the field of Economics and Psychology.

Secondly, joining this year’s summer school helped them a lot in developing and building their character. It opened up their eyes to new culture, new people, and new opportunities. It will helped them enhancing their teamwork skills, independency, responsibility and commitment together with building bridges with friends abroad and exchanging cultures. It was also of a great entertainment, as our students are taken for a touristic tour in Germany, especially Berlin tour, where they were introduced to the German Parliament and its History. It was a life changing experience that we gladly supply for our students in order to bridge what they take in the academic life with reality.

Workshop in Hamburg, Germany: Advanced Experimental Economics

In August 2018, three of our faculty's academic staff; associate professor Rania Miniesy and Ms. Dina Rabie from Economics and associate professor Mohamed Rashwan from Business went for a week's workshop in Hamburg on advanced experimental economics. This was in accordance with the memory of understanding (MOU) between the Economics department and the Faculty of Law at the University of Hamburg. Whilst in Hamburg, the academic staff also met with the head of the experimental lab and another MOU will soon be signed to construct a state of the art experimental lab at the BUE, which is expected to be the hub for experimental economists interested in the Middle East.

Invited Lecture Series Budapest, Hungary, March 31st to April 13th, 2018

Associate Professor Rania Miniesy was invited to the National University of Public Service to give a series of lectures to international students on a number of key and current economic issues. The lectures covered the negotiations between the IMF and the Egyptian Government regarding the current IMF loan to Egypt, Chinese investment in the MENA region and the structure, trends and policy priorities for the Egyptian economy.
Dr. Rania 2
Dr. Rania5

Behavioural & Experimental Economics Workshop Beirut, April 8th to 14th 2018

Associate Professor Rania Miniesy, Assistant Lecturer Dina Rabie and Teaching Assistant Nada Rostom (All Department of Economics) took part in an intensive week long Workshop on experimentation and behavioural economic analysis with colleagues from Lebanon, Tunisia and the University of Hamburg. The workshop was funded by the DAAD and a second workshop is to be held in Germany in August this year.
The purpose of this collaboration is to develop several ‘hubs’ in North Africa as centres of excellence in this field of economics, including at the Department of Economics at the BUE.
Beirut Econ2
Beirut Econ1

Lecture by Former Minister of Solidarity and Social Justice

The BUE hosted a lecture by Former Minister of Solidarity and Social Justice, and Supply and Internal Trade, Dr. Gouda Abdel Khalek, as part of the Module Economics of Egypt for Honours Year 3. The lecture was titled “Trickle-down or Fall-out? Neoliberal Model and Social Justice: The Case of Egypt”.
The lecture discussed Egypt’s experience under different economic policy regimes since the 1960s until now. Dr. Gouda specifically discussed the drawbacks of Neoliberalism, emphasising high poverty rates and inequality in Egypt as outcomes of the risks associated with Neoliberal policies.  Dr. Gouda stressed on the need to incorporate social justice in the process of policy design and implementation, as well as preventive measures to protect the most vulnerable for curing poverty. He provided examples of different models from his experience as Minister of Supply and Internal Trade.
Dr. Gouda

Visit to the Egyptian Stock Exchange, 4th March 2018

A group of 25 Economics students visited the EGSE on Sunday 4th March. They were given a tour of the building and explanations of what the exchange does. The students learned that new trading technologies have meant that very few traders (brokers) need to be on site these days. This is because most of the trading is done by shareholders other trading entities via the new trading platforms – from their smart phones, laptops or desk top devices – wherever they are. All the students are studying Financial Economics (at different levels) and found the visit very informative.
Egyptian Stock

Field Trip to Oriental Weavers Factory (20th February 2018)

As per the outline of Applied Economics Module 17ECON09C, Economics students in DY1, had a field trip to Oriental Weavers Factory. A seminar was given by a representative of the factory who accompanied students in a tour of the factory. It helped the students to understand how a factory becomes a multinational corporation. Also, it enabled them to put in economic terms the strategy put in place by a firm to develop internationally its activity.
Field trip

OnTuesday 20th of February 2018, as part of their module entitled Applied Economics, year 1 students in Economics had the opportunity to visit the Oriental Weavers Factory situated in 10th of Ramadan. This field trip consisted of a one-hour discussion with representatives of the factory headed by Mrs. Yasmine Khamis, Vice-President, followed by a tour of the industrial site. Topics such as the key milestones, the cost structure, the business model, and even the necessary and technical adjustment, consequence upon the floatation of the Egyptian pound in November 2016, were introduced and discussed with interest and enthusiasm. This field trip organized in teaching week 3 has several objectives that directly tackle the intended learning outcomes (ILOs) identified for this module:
-  The short-run objective is see the practical side applied economics, bridging the gap between theory and practice: economists look at the reality, collect data and try to come up with stylized facts, analyze them to develop theories and simplified representations based mainly on microeconomic principles.  
-  Medium-run objectives are twofold. The first one is to cover through this real example a four-week-topic on firm’s theory (from week 2 to week 5). In class, we are talking about the approach of economics on small and medium enterprises (SMEs), multinational corporations (MNCs), market structures, market power, pricing, industrialization, and internationalization. Students will directly have to mobilize the information collected during the trip to analyze the growth and the strategy of firms. The second medium-run objective is to indirectly nourish their investigation regarding the coursework, since one of their topics deals with industrial organization and internationalization strategies of firms.
-  The long-run objective is related to the development of their knowledge of companies in general, of (international) competition and competitiveness. This field trip provides them with a more specific and relevant idea of the realities of a firm.

Dr. Hélène Syed
Lecturer, Economics Department.

Guest speaker – 17ECON15H Monetary & Fiscal Theory & Policy

On Saturday 28th of October 2017, as part of the module entitled Monetary and Fiscal Theory and Policy (MFTP), the year 3 students in Economics welcomed Dr. S. Ali Shah, assistant professor at the American University in Cairo (AUC). Dr. Ali has worked for several years at the Central Bank of Pakistan as Deputy Director in the research and monetary policy department. He also has experience of working with IMF and has lectured in various reputed European institutions. He gave the students an overall picture of central banking, and explained debates such as central bank independence and inflation targeting. A questions & answers session followed the lecture. This was the occasion for the students to raise practical questions that complement the approach of their professor.

The objectives of such intervention were to provide the students with the important link between theory and practice of central banking through a professional and more practical approach. The topics were directly related to the outline and the module specification (central bank independence, inflation targeting, central bank’s main functions). Students had to take notes, since the intervention was not supported by a PowerPoint presentation. Two questions respectively included later on in the unseen and RESIT exams were based directly and indirectly on the issues and material given during this lecture.

Dr. Hélène Syed
Lecture, Economics Department

Towards Building an Egyptian Knowledge and Innovation Society
At the 2nd International Conference organized by the Informatics Sector of the Supreme Council of Universities   A paper was presented jointly by Ms. Shahd Eid and Prof. John Adams on the topic of ‘Knowledge Extraction from the BUE E-Learning System’ at this well attended conference in the Semiramis Hotel, Cairo, October, 2017. At the podium is Ms. Shahd Eid, a 2017 graduate from the Economics Department. The research was conducted by Shahd for her Dissertation and supervised by Professor Adams. Shahd, Prof. Adams and Prof. Omar Karam, Dean of the Faculty of ICS, are continuing to work on the data for publication in an international journal in 2018. This session of the conference was chaired by Prof. Ahmed Hamad, BUE President.

Department of Economics students attend the August 2017 Hamburg University Institute for Law & Economics Summer School

From left to right: Nayera Khaled Ahmed; Ola Alaa Elassal; Hebatallah Osama Ola said: “It was a very good experience and I learned from it a lot. It was only one month but it changed a lot in my personality and helps me to grow and be more independent. The summer school rich program has helped me prepare for my dissertation and added a lot to my knowledge. It allowed me to visit a beautiful country and make new good friends. Finally I really hope this summer school to continue and benefit other students as much as it benefited me, Hebatallah and Nayera. A special thanks to everyone who contributed to make this summer school as wonderful as it was.”
Ola, Heba and Nayera (front left) with their Certificates and student colleagues from the MENA region.
The students attending a Workshop at the Institute for Law and Economics, University of Hamburg.

Dr. Rania Miniesy Presented a Research Paper to the Eurasia Business & Economics Society Conference in Madrid

Associate Professor Rania Miniesy presented a research paper to the Eurasia Business & Economics Society conference in Madrid at the end of September this year. The EBES organization formed in 2008 and hosts this major international conference every year in different countries. Rania’s paper is titled ‘Are lax environmental laws a determinant of developing Asian countries' inward FDI?’  The paper and the research behind it were developed by Rania and Mennatallah Tarek, a BUE Economics graduate who is now a TA in the Department of Business Administration. The paper is now being further developed for submission to an international journal.
Dr. Rania

Prof. John Adams Participated as a Keynote Speaker at the World Association for Sustainable Development Annual Conference, Bahrain
Conference Theme: Digital revolution, smart cities and performance improvement towards a sustainable knowledge-based inclusive development Professor John Adams was invited as a Keynote Speaker at this conference by the WASD. He delivered a talk on Achieving Efficiency, Effectiveness & Value for Money in the Public Sector. The conference was very well attended by academics, business and government from many parts of the globe. Professor Adams has now been invited to submit his presentation as an academic paper to be published by Emerald in late 2017.

Dr. Iman Al-Ayouty attended Workshop on The Skills for Managing SMEs

Dr. Iman Al-Ayouty from the Department of Economics attended a conference on “Contemporary Trends in the Management and Financing of Small and Medium Enterprises” and Workshop on ”The Skills for Managing SMEs” held in: Irbid, Jordan 3-5 May, 2016. The conference was jointly organized by The University of Yarmouk, Jordan, the Arab Organization for Administrative Development (ARADO) and The Arab League.  Dr. Al-Ayouty represented the BUE in her capacity as a member of the team working on the BUE-TusPark Project (Science Park).

Invitation of Prof. John to be a keynote Speaker in an International Conference

Professor John Adams was invited to be a Keynote Speaker at the 26th Faculty of Commerce-Mansoura University International Conference at Sharm El Sheik in April 2016. The theme of the conference was The University and Social Transition and Professor Adams gave a presentation on INTEGRATING UNIVERSITIES INTO THE KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY.

Series of workshops on behavioural and experimental Economics

On March 30 and 31 Professor Andreas Nicklisch of the Department of Economics gave aseries of workshops to economics staff and students on behavioural and experimental economics. The workshops were attended by students from Year 1, 2 and 3 and all participants enjoyed the two days. Both staff and students appreciated the effort of Professor Nicklisch in coming to the Department and sharing his knowledge and expertise with us. We look forward to him visiting the Department of Economics at the BUE in the future.

The 17th Annual Global Development Conference

The Department of Economics is very pleased to announce that Dr. Reham Rizk was invited to the Global Development Network’s 17th Annual Global Development Conference held in Lima, Peru, on 17-18 March 2016. The GDN fully funded Dr. Rizk’s visit to Peru.
This major international conference entitled ‘Education for Development: Quality and Inclusion for Changing Global Human Capital Needs’ was organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Peru. Congratulations to Dr. Rizk on this excellent achievement.
More information about the conference can be found at www.gdn.int/conference 2016

On Monday 14th March Ramez Lasheen (Economics Assistant Lecturer) organised a trip for DY3 Economics students to visit Agrimatic Farms, as a practical application to their project evaluation and regional economics modules. The visit to the innovative aquaponics startup business proved to be extremely interesting to our students. Moreover, the very lively class discussions that followed, led by the young entrepreneurs from Agrimatic, proved very inspiring to the students and to the staff alike. In fact it transpired that 6 of our own students are considering having their own startups and our visiting entrepreneurs have kindly offered their support. See the photos below:

In October 2015 Dr. Sarah ElKishin and Ms. Shereen Essam attended a two day training Workshop on ‘Writing Winning Research Proposals’ at the Economic Research Forum in Cairo in October. The focus was very much on developing proposals that ask policy relevant questions that are implementable using rigorous techniques.

The weblink to the Workshop and photo is:


Ms. Shereen Essam is 2nd from the left in the front row and Dr. Sarah ElKishin is 1st on the left of the second row in the photograph.

In December 2015 Dr. Sarah ElKishin won the ERF award for the Best Policy Brief and this will be published during 2016. Her policy brief is entitled ‘Reversing Fertility Trends in Egypt is key for a sooner and longer Demographic Window.’

Also in December 2015 Dr. ElKishin was invited to give a speech to the Biblioteca Alexandria – Center for Development Studies on ‘The Impact of Official Data and Information Systems on Public Policies and Planning.’ Dr. ElKishin’s speech focused on data discrepancies across official institutions, problems with the Egyptian budget process, regional classification of data and data transparency and availability. News on the workshop with Dr. ElKishin’s participation was published in the newspaper Youm7 on 17th December 2015.

Dr. ElKishin has been invited by the Minister of Planning to attend the formal launch of ‘Egypt Vision 2030 (Sustainable Development Strategy)’ on Thursday 28th January 2016. This is a new major policy and strategy initiative by the Government of Egypt.

In December 2015 both Drs. Eman Elish and Sarah ElKishin presented their research papers at the  21st International Research Conference on Business, Economics and Social Studies” IRC 21st conference in Dubai. Dr. ElKishin won the Conference ‘Best Presentation Award’ and both her paper and Dr. Elish’s paper are under consideration to be published in a Scopus indexed international journal.

Dr. Mohamed Zaky & Dr. El-Khishin’ new research paper "Fiscal Governance in Egypt: is there an urgent necessity to reform Budget Institutions?”has been accepted by the refereeing committee for presentation in the upcoming ERF 22nd   Annual Conference, which will be held in Cairo, Egypt , on March 19-21, 2016.

The BUE is in the process of establishing a Science and Technology Park with Tsinghua University in Beijing and Dr. Iman AlAyouty and Ms. Kareman Medhat from the Department of Economics prepared a detailed analysis of the Egyptian (and Cairo) economies as an integral input to Tsinghua’s feasibility study for this major initiative.

This year saw the completion of two Master’s degrees. Mrs. Sarah Ahmed gained her Masters in Economics from Cairo University in April and Mrs. Mariam Hasseeb gained her Masters in Financial Economics from the AUC in June.

An impressive ninety percent of the lecturers and several of the Teaching Assistants in the Department were engaged in research activities including publications, conference papers, working papers and policy briefs; and two TA’s (Shereen Essam and Yasmine Mohamed) were funded by the ERF to present their research at the ERF conference in Tunisia in May 2015 - this research effort was praised by Prof. Paul Dunne, our external examiner in his final report in July. Professor John Adams published two papers in international Journals in September with colleagues in Hong Kong and Edinburgh.

Two new lecturers took up their posts in April and May, Dr. Obbey Elamin from the University of Stirling, Scotland and Dr. Iman AlAyouty from the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies. Mr. Hossameldin Ahmed joined the Department in October 2014 as an assistant lecturer in econometrics and in September 2015 Dr. Sara El-Kishin, Senior Adviser at the Ministry of International Cooperation joined the Department as a full time lecturer. The research capacity and international collaborations of the Department are being strongly enhanced by all these efforts and the Department looks forward to even more success this academic year.

Dr. Alaa Ibrahim was invited to the University of Hamburg in December 2015 to give classes on statistics and econometrics to Masters and PhD students. He also gave advice to the PhD students on thesis development. Dr. Ibrahim very much enjoyed the environment of the University and the challenging work with the Hamburg PhD students.

 Dr. Alaa

Dr. Rania Miniesy was appointed Associate Professor in Economics by the SCU in January 2016. This is recognition for her outstanding work in economics research.

Rania has already submitted another new research paper to an international journal in January. She also presented a paper at the Cyprus Conference as did four other lecturers in the Department: Drs. Eman Elish, Hoda Hassabala, Iman AlYouty and Karim Hassanien. Dr. Eman Elish and Dr. Sarah ElKishin also presented research papers at a major conference in Dubai at the end of December and Dr. Karim Hassanien at a conference in Sharja in early January 2016.

Between September 2015 and January 2016 three of the Department’s October 2015 graduates, Rana EzzEldin, Nouranne Ibrahim and Remon Magdy went to work as interns in three German companies. All three said they learned a lot, gained new knowledge and the whole experience will be invaluable to them for a long time to come.


One of the Department’s TA’s, Malak Shafik, is currently working through her internship in Germany and will return to the BUE at the end of February 2016.

In January 2016 two of our final year students, Ahmed and Youssef, travelled to Lvov in the Ukraine to take part in teaching and mentoring school students as part of an international education programme.

Dr. Reham Rizk meets Nobel Economics Laureate

Dr. Reham Rizk met Professor Amartya Sen (Nobel Economics Laureate) at the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU- WIDER) on 17-19 September in Helsinki, Finland. The photo below followed a breakfast seminar hosted by Professor Sen at which Dr. Rizk took an active part in the discussions on the MENA region development strategies, especially Egypt, and future policy options. Dr. Rizk was one of only five African Female economists invited to the Helsinki meeting and found the experience invaluable.


Dr. Reham Rizk and Nobel Economics Laureate, Professor Amartya Sen


Ruler of the Emirate of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) honours the British University in Egypt (BUE) in the International Business Conference (IBC) MAY, 2015

Dr.Karim Hassanien, Department of Economics, the British University in Egypt was honoured for his contribution in the International Business Conference under the theme "Diversity and Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities for Global Business". His paper on economic development in Egypt through the use of new and renewable energy will be published in the Journal of Advanced Social Research (ISSN: 2231-8275) later this year.

Dr. Hassanien being congratulated on his with His Highness Sheikh Hameed bin Rashid Al-Naaiamy, Ruler of the Emirate of Ajman.

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