The Fixed Prosthodontics department held its 1st course in the continuous education program titled “ Adhesive restoration using CAD/CAM technology “
It was a great success thanks to A.Prof Maged Zohdy and Dr. Ahmad El-Gamal


Medical covoy at the Oasis

The British University, in cooperation with the National Council for Women, sent a therapeutic convoy to serve the community in the Oasis area of ​​Baswa and Marsa Matruh city under the patronage of HE Mr. Farid Khamis, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the British University, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hamad, President of the University and Prof. Nadia Zakhari, Board of Trustees of the British University, Professor Tarek Abbas, Founding Dean of the College of Dentistry at the British University, Professor Mohi Al Mazar, Founding Dean of the College of Pharmacy, British University, and Professor Safa Amida, College of Nursing, University And Major Majdi al-Gharbali, governor of Marsa Matrouh Dr. Mohamed Ismail, President of Mersi Matruh University, was led by Dr. Ahmed Hassan Ammar with the assistance of Dr. Mohamed Sobhi, Dr. Mohamed El Sayed, Dr. Ahmed Ismail and administrative Ahmed Abdel Latif. The convoy treated 452 cases, of whom 177 cases in Siwa, including 101 cases of dislocation and 70 cases of cleaning and 6 cases of filler and 275 cases in Marsa Matrouh, including 75 cases filler and 65 cases of dislocation and 10 cases of cleaning and 25 cases of root treatment transferred To the Matrouh General Hospital for follow-up, as well as members of the convoy to provide medical awareness of children to care for oral health and teeth. In addition to the dental program, the convoy included 83 cases of detection under the supervision of specialists from the Ophthalmology Institute and a program to detect breast cancer under the supervision of Prof. Nadia Zakhari and a first aid program under the supervision of the College of Nursing at the British University. The College of Dentistry of the British University thanks all those who contributed to and participated in the success of this great work to serve remote communities and provide the necessary medical services for them.


Visit of Holiness Pope Twadros II

A great event at the British University in Egypt
The British University in Egypt received His Holiness Pope Twadros II of Alexandria, Patriarch of the Annunciation of St. Mark, and His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Mukhtar Juma, Minister of Awqaf
The Pope toured the University's facilities and listened to an explanation by Dr. Ahmed Hamad, the university's president, about the new developments and the university's interest in scientific research.
The Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Tarek Abbas, accompanied him on his tour of the dental hospital. His Holiness listened to a simple explanation by the faculty members about the advanced ways of teaching students the latest scientific techniques and the finest equipment. His Holiness praised the equipment And the advanced technology used in the dental hospital, describing it as the latest and the highest and highest level
In the presence of a number of ministers, scientists and intellectuals, Mr. Farid Khamis, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University, the President of the University, deans of colleges, professors and students, and senior Islamic and Christian clergymen.
Dr. Mohammed Mukhtar Juma and His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI received the shield of the British University from Mr. Mohamed Farid Khamis. The Holy Father gave a plaque to the British University in which the people of Egypt were written in Arabic, Hebrew and English

The College of Dentistry at the British University launched a treatment convoy for the wife of Sheikh Abssi in the center of Belbeis province of Sharkia under the auspices of MP Mahmoud Khamis, member of the House of Representatives from the Department of Belbeis and Dr. Mohammed Khatib,
Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Tarek Abbas, founding dean of the College of Dentistry at the British University and Dr. Fardous Rizk, Vice Dean
The convoy was led and supervised by Dr. Mahmoud Al-Ankili with the assistance of Dr. Fatima Makiya, Dr. Moataz Baha, Dr. Ahmed Ammar, Dr. Omar Haddah and Dr. Ahmed Zaher
The team consists of Dr. Ahmed Ismail, Dr. Mohamed Sobhi, Dr. Mohamed El Sayed, Dr. Mostafa Namir, Dr. Angie Ahmed, Dr. Arwa El-Tohamy and a group of doctors of excellence
The convoy has identified 187 cases and provided medical awareness to the children of the village regarding oral health and dental care according to the fdi dental care program. The convoy also provided a treatment service that includes removing, cleaning, and filling the teeth of all patients with the conversion of cases that require more than one visit to Faculty of Dentistry at the University.
He praised all patients for the medical services of the therapeutic convoy and the doctors have promised repeated visits to villages deprived of dental care in all areas of the Republic.


Prince and Queen nursery

The kids of Prince and Queen nursery visited the Pedodontics clinic in the Faculty of Dentistry and received health education session on the importance of brushing their teeth and the techniques and frequency of brushing. The kids were excited and received give always for helping them brushing their teeth.
Fruitful thanks to Professor Tarek Abbas the Founding Dean of Faculty of Dentistry BUE
Prof Nadia Metwalli the head of Pedodontics department
All staff members and teaching assistants of Pedodontics department
Dr Hanan El Sherbiny from the Restorative department.