Arab Deans Meeting

The British University in Egypt hosted the meeting of all Arab Deans in the field of Dentistry under the auspices  of his excellency Mr Farid Khamis the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Professor Ahmed Hamad the President of the University and Professor Tarek Abbas the Founding Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry. Professor Amr Ezzat Salama the President of the Federation of Arab Universities headed the meeting in the presence of Professor Maguid Amin the President of Dental Sector at the Supreme  Council  of Universities, Professor Mohamed Kenawy the President of Mansora University, Professor Akram el Awady the President of Horus University and Professor Tarek el Sharkawy the Vice President of El Ahram Canadian University.  Deans from all over arab countries including Lebanon , Jordan ,Syria, Sudan, Libya, Morocco  Saudi Arabia, and Emirates were honored to attend the meeting.Also, Deans of all Egyptian Universities including Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Alexandria University, Mansoura University, Menya University,AzharUniversity, Suez Canal University, Kafr el Sheikh University and all private universities through out Egypt without any exception. The meeting discussed the importance of unifying the dental curricula  all over the arab countries to facilitate and widen the opportunities of working and studying all over arab countries as one unit. All the guests were impressed  by the updated technology and fascinating equipments and facilities of the Faculty of Dentistry and of the British University and they were thankful for the generous hospitality.


Faculty of Dentistry MRD Training Center

The Faculty of Dentistry announces the opening of Membership in Restorative Dentistry (MRD) Certified Training Center offered by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinbrugh starting October 2017.

Gulf University visit

The Gulf Medical University visited Faculty of Dentistry and signed a Memorandum of understanding between Gulf Medical University and the Faculty of Dentistry, The British University in Egypt, for exchange of students, internship students and academic staff and launching continuous education courses.


Faculty of Dentistry Launching new clinics

The Faculty of Dentistry is Launching the new Adec 400 in its new dental clinics for post graduates and internship.


General Histology day

Faculty of Dentistry witnessed a great scientific day under the supervision of the faculty Dean Tarek Abbas and Prof. Ayman Ghallab.