Regarding Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, This unit allows full treatment in one session under General Anesthesia for children and adults.

The operating room setup allows the Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon to perform all the technically demanding procedures like jaw fracture treatment, correction of facial deformities, removal of jaw tumors with their subsequent reconstruction using bone grafts. It is also equipped with the most advanced power drills, and with an ultrasonic surgical unit for doing the sometimes needed bone grinding.
The operating room facilities also offer the computer guided dental implant planning and placement and the full range of bone buildup procedures before the implant placement if the jaw does not have sufficient bone.

In order to improve the level of practice of our students and graduates, all those procedures can be broadcasted to the lecture halls and to all the clinics in the faculty. The interns also practice conscious sedation and help the General anesthesia consultant in all the steps of anesthesia and recovery.
To ensure patient safety a fully equipped recovery unit and ICU are integrated in the operating unit to help in managing patients with health related problems and clinically demanding cases.
The patient rooms are designed to deliver high end postoperative medical service in a comfortable atmosphere. Giving us the chance to care for our patients till the minute they safely leave our hospital.

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