Pharmacy Programme Structure

  • The 5-year programme is offered in 10 consecutive semesters during 5 years. Module provision involves lectures, tutorials, workshops and practical periods as well as field training. Each semester involves 55-60 credits (equivalent to 16.5-18 credit hours), thus making up a total of 580 credits for the entire programme This is equivalent to 174 credit hours). 
  • General Non-Core Modules (10.3%): These subjects are given, mostly, to the first-year students and include: Mathematics, English Language, Communication Skills, Psychology and Scientific Thinking. These are especially tailored to meet the needs of pharmacy students and will be coordinated by most relevant pharmaceutical departments, as deems appropriate. 
  • Core Modules: constitute about 80.2% of the whole provision. They are sequenced and synchronized to permit optimal learning and transition among semesters. Prerequisites are also applied to maximize the benefits gained from these courses. 
  • Optional or Elective Modules: are provided in the last 4 semesters of the study and comprise 4.3% of the total provisions. A variety of such courses is offered by different departments and covers a broad-range of knowledge. Electives are offered in groups of interest; the choice among which will be linked with the nature of the research project students perform in the final year of the study. This strategy will also enable students to choose the subjects that best match their current and future needs and interests. A list of elective programmes is given at the end of course-description. This grouping can likewise serve as the basis of offering future topics for Masters’ programme or Diplomas. 
  • Senior Research projects (5.2%): Besides, in its last year of study, the programme encompasses a research project which constitutes a research dissertation work on recent development in pharmaceutical sciences. This course aims to boost the students’ ability to conduct research and surf the literature arena, and also to apply the knowledge they gained in informatics and electives. 


  • A 300 hrs of summer training programme is enforced throughout the study, particularly after the third and fourth years, so as to ensure timely optimal gain of professional experience. This training will also take place in community and hospital pharmacy stores and in pharmaceutical firms and will be considered a partial requirement of graduation. 
  • During the ninth semester of the study, placement (externship) in hospitals is an essential requirement of this programme will take place.


 You can view a module decription by clicking on the module name

              Year 1

Module Code Module Name
PCMS04P01 Analytical Chemistry-1
PPTX02P01 Anatomy & Histology
PPPT01P01 Botany & Medicinal Plants
UCSK01P01 Communication Skills
ENGLxxxxxx English Langauage-2
ENGLxxxxxx English Language-1
UMTH01P01 Mathematics Medical
PPTX01P01 Medical Terminology
PCMS02P01 Organic Chemistry-1
PCMS03P01 Organic Chemistry-2
PPIP01P01 Orientation & History of Pharmacy
PCMS01P01 Physical Chemistry
PPIP02P01 Physical Pharmacy


               Year 2

Module Code Module Name
PCMS05C01 Analytical Chemistry-2
PCBB01C01 Biochemistry-1
PMBT01C01 Parasitology
PPCP01C01 Pathophysiology
PPIP03C01 Pharmaceutics-1
PPIP04C01 Pharmaceutics-2
PPPT02C01 Pharmacognosy-1
PPPT03C01 Pharmacognosy-2
PPTX03C01 Physiology
UPSC01C01 Psychology
PCMS06C01 Quality Control & drug Analysis
USTH01C01 Scientific Thinking

              Year 3

Module Code Module Name
PMBT02C01 Basic Microbiology
PCBB02C01 Biochemistry-2
PPIP06I01 Biopharmaceutics
PCBB03I01 Clinical Biochemistry
PMBT03I01 Clinical Microbiology
PMBT04I01 Immunology
PCMS07I01 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-1
PPIP05C01 Pharmaceutics-3
PPTX04I01 Pharmacology-1
PPTX05I01 Pharmacology-2
PPCP03I01 Pharmacotherapy-1
PPCP02I01 Pharmacy Ethics & Legislations
PPPT04C01 Phytochemistry


                 Year 4

Module Code Module Name
PPTX11H01 Biological Screening of Drug Activities (E)
PPTX07I01 Biostatistics
PPCP07I01 Community Pharmacy
PCMS9H01 Computer Aided Drug Design (E)
PPIP12H01 Cosmetics (E)
P???xxH01 Elective-I
P???xxH01 Elective-II
PPTX12H01 High-Throughput Screening of Drug Activities (E)
PPCP04I01 Hospital Pharmacy
PPIP08H01 Industrial Pharmacy-1 (E)
PPIP09H01 Industrial Pharmacy-2 (E)
PCBB04H01 Molecular Biology (E)
PCMS08I01 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-2
PMBT06I01 Pharmaceutical Microbiology
PPTX06I01 Pharmacology-3
PPCP05I01 Pharmacotherapy-2
PPCP08H01 Pharmacotherapy-3
PPCP06I01 Pharmacy Management
PMBT05I01 Public Health
PPTX08H01 Toxicology


               Year 5

Module Code Module Name
PMBT07H01 Biotechnology
PPCP14H01 Clinical Pharmacokinetics
PPIP07H01 Dosage Form Design
PPTX10H01 Drug & Poison Information
PPTX10H01 Drug and Poison Information
P???xxH01 Elective-III
PPTX13H01 Evaluation of Safety of Drugs (E)
PPCP12H01 First Aid
PCMS10H01 Nanotechnology (E)
PPCP13H01 Pharmacoeconomics
PPCP10H01 Pharmacotherapy-4
PPTX09H01 Pharmacovigilance
PPCP11H01 Pharmacy Practice
PPPT05H01 Phytotherapy
PPCP09H01 Professional Practice Externship
PPIP10H01 Quality Assurance of Pharmaceuticals (E)
PRMT01H01 Research Methodology
PRGP01H01 Research Project
PPIP13H01 Veterinary Pharmacy (E)






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