The Faculty of Engineering at BUE was established in September 2005. The BUE has identified the delivery of high quality degree programmes, according to the British education ethos, as one of its main objectives from the day of its inception. Over the past ten years the BUE has established and embedded a comprehensive structure of quality assurance procedures and systems. Validation by UK partner universities was selected as the tool of ensuring such quality, based on QAA norms and standards. Validation by UK partners allows students, who qualify, to be awarded a British degree, in addition to the Egyptian accredited degree.

The Faculty of Engineering at BUE offers a range of unique experiences to its students. Starting by the British higher education ethos summarized in self-learning and research based learning. Moving to the industrial internships that are graduation requirements and which allow students the opportunity to engage in real life projects during their studies at the BUE. Ending by the wide range of skill sets that are planned into the relevant engineering programmes offered by the Faculty.

Today the Faculty of Engineering offers seven programmes within six departments, which are:
  1. Architectural Engineering
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Construction Engineering & Management
  4. Chemical Engineering
  5. Electronics & Communications Engineering
  6. Mechanical Engineering
  7. Petroleum Engineering & Gas Technology
The state of the art lab facilities, which are continuously updated, present a unique practical setup for future engineers to experience engineering concepts underpinning their relevant specialty areas.

The Faculty is interested in engaging its students in a range of national and international competitions that provide opportunities for interaction with peers in other universities all over the world, such experiences add to the educational benefits that students acquire.
Over the next ten years of its life, the Faculty of Engineering is now emphasizing its research activities in addition to its engagement with and services to its community. The Faculty is conducting regular industrial linkage seminars whereby industrial partners are invited to engage with academic staff members in order to pursue research-based solutions to industrial engineering problems and challenges.

The Faculty is also offering its services through a range of knowledge transfer and knowledge commercialization schemes, which are considered other modes of interaction with the industry.
It is extremely exciting to be leading the Faculty of Engineering at BUE, the largest and fastest growing faculty on campus, at these interesting times in the life and development of the BUE.

Maguid Hassan
Dean of Engineering

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