Program Specifications

Preparatory Year

Module Code Module Name Credit
ENGG01P Engineering Ethics and Human Rights 10
SCIB02P Introductory Physics 10
CHME01P Chemistry for Engineers 10
MECH01P Mechanics 10
MECH02P Engineering Drawing and Descriptive Geometry 10
MECH03P Production Technology (1) 10
SCIB03P Mathematics for Engineers (2) 10
SCIB04P Electricity and Magnetism 10
SCIB05P Algebra and Geometry 10
SCIB01P Mathematics for Engineers (1) 10

Year 1

Module Code Module Name Credit
SCIB01C     Calculus 10
SCIB04C     Modern Physics for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering 10
MECH01C   Rigid Body Mechanics 10
MECH60C  Introduction to Material Science and Engineering 10
MECH02C  Mechanical Graphics and Metrology 20
MECH20C   Thermo-Fluid Mechanics 20
ELEC19C   Foundations of Electrical Engineering 10
MECH03C  Production Technology (2) 10
MECH04C  Stress Analysis 10
SCIB02C    Differential Equations 10

Year 2

Module Code Module Name Credit
MECH02I   Machine Design 20
MECH21C Thermodynamics 10
MECH03I  Mechanics of Machinery 20
MECH60I  Material Properties and Characterisation 10
MECH40C Engineering Probability and Statistics 10
MECH22C Fluid Mechanics 10
ELEC03I     Electrical Machines and Control 10
MECH41C  Quality Control and Technical Report Writing 10
MECH04I  Production Technology (3) 10
MECH80I   Applied Numerical Methods 10

Year 3

Module Code Module Name Credit
MECH01I   Structure Mechanics 10
MECH20I   Heat and Mass Transfer 10
MECH80H  Vibration and Control Engineering 20
MECH40I   Engineering Economics 10
MECH21I   Internal Combustion Engines 10
MECH41I   Plant Layout and Material Handling 10
MECH81I   Mechatronics Systems 10
MECH40H  Industrial Safety and Environmental Management 20
MECH05I   Product Design 10

10 Optional Modules (at Level I) 

Year 4

Module Code Module Name Credit 
MECH99H  Mechanical Research Project 20
MECH98H  Professional Group Design Project 20
MECH41H  Design and Analysis of Experiments 10
MECH60H  Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 10
MECH20H  Energy Conversion Systems 10
MECH42H  Operations Research and Management 10

 40 Optional modules (at Level H) 

Optional Modules


Recommended Modules for  Design and Production Focus Area

Module Code Module Name (10 Credits per Module)
MECH01H Tool Design and Manufacture
MECH02H Engineering Tribology
MECH61H Failure Analysis
MECH04H Reliability and Maintenance Engineering
MECH64I Materials Selection for Design
MECH23H Design of Vehicles

Recommended Modules for Power & Energy Focus Area

Module Code Module Name (10 Credits per Module)
MECH25I Alternative Energy Systems
MECH25H Computational Fluid Dynamics
MECH26H Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
MECH27H Fluid Machinery
MECH28H Heat Transfer Equipment
MECH29H Combustion
MECH22I Flight and Space-Flight

Recommended Modules for Mechatronics and Control Focus Area 

Module Code Module Name (10 Credits per Module)
ELEC04I Electronic Devices and Circuits
MECH82H Measurement and Instrumentation
ELEC14H Digital Circuits
MECH83H Applied Microcontroller Programming
MECH84H Artificial Intelligence for Engineering
MECH81H Robotics



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