Students are encouraged to display their talents througout the various intra and inter collegiate events. These serve as platforms for recognition of new talents and for developing a spirit of healthy competition among the students in the fields of sports, music, literature, debates, dramatics and arts. the college has facilities for various out-door and in-door games.

Clubs & Socities:
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Academic Advisor: Dr. Mahmoud Al-Ankily
A local association of " Dental Students Scientific Association " based in the British University in Egypt. 
A development organization that aims to increase dental awareness and proficiency of students locally and internationally.


Activities aimed at serving the community School visits, which are conducted periodically and aim to develop health awareness for primary school children (age groups 6-12).
  • Visits to orphans and the elderly houses, and aims to develop health awareness of children, people with special needs and the elderly.
  • Medical convoys to desert and border areas.
  • Blood donation campaigns for children's hospitals
  • Remaining part of the profits of the activities carried out by the Association for the benefit of children's health institutions such as foundation 57357, Magdy Jacob foundation, UNICEF-Egypt.
  • Participation in World Oral Health Day and Egypt's representation in the international federation. Through a series of awareness and presentation activities in schools and social clubs.
  • Participation in World AIDS Day.
  • Participation in the World Autism Awareness Day.
Activities aimed at serving the student community :
  • The Dental Olympics competition, which is organized internationally at the level of the international federation, and was first implemented in Egypt last year at the scientific association of Dentistry students in Tanta TSADS. Pre-clinical skills such as wax carving, artificial teeth preparation for fixed restorations, wire reshaping for orthodontic appliances
  • The society provides a student serum for dental students, and annually holds a five- year campaign to educate students. A role played by educational and health institutions in other countries.
  • The international student exchange program, which is one of the most important activates of the international federation, which aims to close the distance between the students of the member states. The association provides an opportunity for any dental student in Egypt to travel for two weeks a month at one of the universities of the member states, attending theoretical lectures, entering the clinics and attending surgical procedures, if possible. Dozens or even hundreds of Egyptian students traveled to European and Asian countries such as France, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, India Portugal, Russia, Italy, Romania, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. In return, many foreign students came to Egypt to attend the exchange programs. Among the countries whose students visited us were Tunisia, Germany, Belgium, Armenia, Turkey, Singapore, Poland and Ukraine.
  • Organizing scientific conferences and workshops and preparing live – shows for students.

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