The Student Staff Liaison Committee provides an effective channel through which the students and staff jointly can participate in the composition, management and review of College provision with a view to improving the quality of teaching and learning. It is a committee made up of elected student representatives and members of staff.

Year One Student Representatives:

  • Dahab Salah El-Shenawy
  • Mohamed Ashraf Farouk
  • Mennatulla Mostafa Anwar
  • Habiba Menshawy El-Saftawy

Year Two Student Representatives:

  • Mayar Osama Abouelfotouh
  • Mohamed Hamed El-Sayed
  • Ahmed Farid Fawzy
  • Eman Mustafa Mohamed
Tear Three Student Representative:
  • Waem Wael Mohamed
  • Ali El-Khedr hassan
  • Adelrahman Mohamed Mahmoud
  • Nadine Sedky
  Year Four Student Representatives:
  • Karim Mohamed Foad
  • Mohamed Hussam Abd El-Hamid
  • Marwa Alaa Tantawy
  • Nada Magdy Fayez
 Year Five Student Representatives:
  • Amal Magdi Ali
  • Ziad Madeh Mohamed
  • Mohamed Mostafa El-Oufy
  • Omar Mahmoud Ahmed