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Sponsored by the Ministry of Environment, and organized by the British University in Egypt (BUE) and in cooperation with the Arab Council for Green Economy, and number of universities and national and international institutions from 3 to 5 May 2016, the Second Conference on Sustainability & Future Studies: Sustainable Mega Projects: Opportunities - Change – Challenge.

The conference was organized by the Center of Sustainability and Future Studies (CSFS) at the British University in Egypt (BUE), in the belief that Egypt is living a historic opportunity to change the reality of its challenges under a conscious leadership sparing no effort to achieve this in a framework of sustainable development and in accordance with the objectives and recommendations of the United Nations Conference for Sustainable Development, which held in September 2015 and Strategic Vision 2030 for Sustainable Development in Egypt. And that everyone in this country must take part in the responsibility of this stage, with the launch of a number of mega projects from the summit to the base, such as the development of the Suez Canal axis, the road network in Egypt, the development of the northern coast and the development of the Golden Triangle, the new administrative capital, the Dabaa nuclear project and one and a half acres, And other projects in all fields, it is imperative that the University and national institutions have a role in preparing the competencies and cadres that can be achieved by them and they have all aspirations and wishes to keep pace with the efforts of the state from the top to the base with the energies of the community and awareness of the rule of the summit in an area of ​​hope and work to enable Egypt to achieve the goals of 2030 Sustainable Development Plan and the 17 goals of the UN Conference.

The themes of the conference include the following topics on sustainability issues:

  • Future Studies: (Opportunities - Change - Challenge)
  • Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Topics in Engineering
  • Topics in economics and business administration
  • Environmental management

        Each theme includes a number of sub-themes to complement studies and research aimed at sustainability mega projects and benefit from international experiences and scientific research studies.

The conference was attended by more than 300 people over a period of three days of scientist, researcher and specialist from Egypt and the world, they found a dialogue between generations of scientists, keynote speakers, promising researchers, and students, and exchanged information with their counterparts from all over the world through the slogan "It does not matter what the future will be, but how we think about the future". More than 50 scientific papers have been approved by the Scientific Committee of 30 experts from international and Egyptian universities. The researches have been published in a book and some excellent researches will be selected for publication in one of the international scientific journals.

All studies, researches and projects presented in all specializations associated with the conference are documented in the Center of Sustainability and Future Studies (CSFS) through the Bank of Ideas, Creativity and Innovation, with the establishment of rules of intellectual property rights, which makes the British University an intermediary for the exchange of science and ideas between scientist and scholars to make the name of the university as a leading international scientific institution (Excellence / Quality / Individuality).


Call of Sustainable Mega Projects (English)

Program of Sustainable Mega Projects (Arabic)

Program of Sustainable Mega Projects (English)

Keynote Speaker (English)

Projects and presentations:

  • Sustainable applications of date palms in the roof of Egyptian housing - Dr. Nader gharib (Arabic).
  • The Suez Canal Tales Museum - Hala Medhat.
  • Enhancing Indoor Environmental Quality Using Passive Techniques Automation - Mohamed El Dabosy.
  • Future of Sustainable Neighborhood design in Egypt - Mokhtar Hosni.
  • The Impact of Kindergarten Classroom Design on Children Behavior in Egypt - Nourhan Karara.
  • Traditional Crafts Touristic Village - Zeinab Emam.
  • Sustainable Street Scape (Walkability) - Amr Osman.
  • Managing Urban Sprawl through Green Network Connectivity - Omar Saeed.
  • Desert Premises: a trial to reach a symbiotic settlement at Al Qantara - Ramy Beshr.
  • Heritage Village - Sara Mostafa Elldlel.

Recommendations of the Second Conference on Sustainability and Future Development (Arabic).

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